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Getting the most out of IT!

Regardless of whether you work in a business of 1 or 50 employee's, there are always parts of the business which require your attention. From an IT perspective, there are always tasks which can be undertaken which don't necessarily have a cost associated to them. I've compiled a small list of the types of items

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Joining the rest of the Twit – terrers..

Last year I suggested in this article that the over use of social networking for business was a bad idea. I still stand by my assertion that its "all a bit much" and have previously stuck to my own advice insofar as not to embrace every possible social networking trend just because everyone else is...

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The Social Networking Feature Creep.

Today, more than ever, companies are using every conceivable method possible to engage with their customers, to reach new prospective clients and ultimately to expand their reach beyond their present place in the marketplace. We too, have played somewhat into the social networking frenzy with our Business I.T Blog, that in truth, takes more time

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