When starting out in Business there are lots of things you must choose for your Business that if decided upon hastily can end up causing undue pain in the long run. Your company name, its logo, branding, colours, slogan, etc are all examples of choices that will follow you around for a long time in business (provided you make it that far).

The Accounting Software you opt for is also one area where you should give serious consideration to. There are many different applications available. In most cases, your accountant will advise you on which one is best. They’re not always right! 

You may decide to change your accountant at a later stage as they may not have the resources available to accommodate your business if it grows rapidly. If they have advised you to use software that is their comfort zone rather than the best for you than this could cause problems when you need to upscale the business. Not all Accounting Systems can be easily exported or in some cases; not at all.

In one case for example, I had a customer using the American Version of QuickBooks and when they went to upgrade to the newest version they couldn’t as the US version cannot be migrated to the Irish one. Only solution was to start again!

This happens all the time so don’t let it happen to you.. Choose carefully, plan for the future and take advantages of free trials & different professional opinions before you make your decision.

PCtechnix Top 3 (in no particular order) Accounting Software in Ireland;


I’m happy with my current choice of Accounting Software and although I’m watching this space for Office Accounting Express 2008 to be localised for the Irish Market, I’m in no hurry to change anytime soon.