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What is 2 Factor Authentication and what are the benefits
Data Protection

What is 2 Factor Authentication and What are the Benefits?

2 Factor Authentication or 2FA is a security measure that requires you to provide two separate pieces of information before you are granted access to an online service. In the past, it has been far too easy for hackers to obtain credentials and access your online services. By implementing 2FA you are telling the online service that you are in fact, who you claim to be.

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Microsoft 365 for Business
Office 365

8 Benefits of Microsoft 365 to your Business

Microsoft 365 for business, previously known as Office 365 is so much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. It is an entire ecosystem of tools and applications that fuel business growth. Here are some of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 for Business.

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Ransomware - Do you trust your inbox

Ransomware – Do You Trust Your Inbox?

Email is the No.1 threat vector and most cyber-attacks including ransomware occur because of an action carried out by the recipient of an email. So, do you trust your inbox? The following tips are designed to help you investigate an email and avoid falling victim to a ransomware or other cyber-attack.

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Managed Email Signature

7 Benefits of Email Signature Management

Emails play a big part in how you run your business with hundreds, if not thousands of emails sent every day by your team. Your email signature is a business card right there at the bottom of every email you send but unlike a business card it gets seen by more people and can do a whole lot more.

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You can take this a step further and split your screen to show four windows. To properly benefit from this you’d want a good sized, high-resolution screen, otherwise, you may struggle to see all of the information on the windows. 

How to split screen in Windows 10

Dual screens are becoming the norm in the office and now for many of us also in the home office. They offer you more screen real estate and allows you to view and interact with several windows without having to minimise one window to view another. For many more, however, a dual environment isn’t an

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Remote Working

Remote Working: Are you doing it right?

Eamon Gallagher MD IT.ie Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin March 2020 was a sucker punch for business and the lockdowns that followed have felt like a daily regime of 10 gruelling rounds in the ring. Some had trained and prepared for the first blow, others have adapted quite well and there

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