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When all else fails just format and start again!

Helpdesk: Good afternoon, how may I help you? Customer: Hi, why is my computer is running so slow ?!? During the course of this type of conversation, the agent is fully aware that this question usually results in an even slower process of finding the root cause of why the pc is not working to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Back to the old and never again to Beta

Like most, when I heard the next version of internet explorer (IE8) was around the corner, I thought northing of trying out the beta version. Especially since it was in Beta 2! The new version of IE has a host of new & interesting features. They consist of;   InPrivate Browsing    Internet Explorer 8

2017-02-09T13:48:10+00:00November 5th, 2008|Internet & SEO, Software, Vista, XP|Comments Off on Back to the old and never again to Beta

RAM Just got Cheaper!

Since the birth of Windows Vista, the need for adequate RAM has become more apparent. 2GB of RAM is just the bottom rung of the ladder if you are considering a new computer with Vista and likewise should you decide to go down the upgrade path. Traditionally, to add more RAM, you must first decide

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XP or Vistaland?

Nowadays anyone buying a new computer is faced with the prospect of having to choose which type of operating system they need. Even the Question: Vista or XP? ; is not so straightforward. For XP, there is Windows XP Home, XP Media Centre or XP Professional. For Vista, there’s Vista Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic,

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