CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner) is an amazing piece of free software which enables you to make your computer run faster, better and to remove all the unncessary pieces of junk that can build up over time. The registry cleaner and startup manager are hugely invaluable in identifying the problem areas of your computer. The software allows you to remove gigabytes of totally absolutely useless data from your system along with a host of other cool features. The first thing you’ll notice after hit the “Run Cleaner” button is the sheer amount of items which are cleaned up as part of the ‘washing’ experience.

It’s truly built with privacy in mind. Click here to download the software.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome & Safari

Removes temporary files, history, cookies, auto complete form history, index.dat, etc


Empties the recycle bin, clears recent documents, empties the temporary files and log files folders, etc

Registry Cleaner

Advanced features to remove unused and old registry entries.

Start-up Manager

Enables you to dynamically choose which programs to start up with windows.

And much more..