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Certified Data Destruction

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Hard Drive Destruction

What is Hard Drive Destruction?

This is a service that we can provide in order to completely destroy the hard drive(s) from old computers (servers, desktops, laptops).

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient on-site service and real-time viewing process
  • Magnetic Destruction of data (Degaussing)
  • HDD Electronics completely disabled
  • Physical Destruction of hard drive platter, magnetic read/write head, motor/spindle assembly and hard drive casing
  • Certified Destruction (by serial number/asset tag/user)
  • Maximum protection for organisations, clients and individuals
  • Eliminates doubt over effectiveness of data overwriting
  • No testing required
  • Certified waste disposal

Why go for Certified Data Destruction?

  • The majority of recycled PCs and hard drives have been found to contain sensitive information.
  • This well-known fact encourages fraudsters to actively pursue data theft.
  • Unauthorised discovery of such information can result in untold costs

How to be sure ?

  • We provide Onsite visual Hard Drive destruction if required
  • Complete Documented destruction of equipment, noting Hard Drive  capacity & serial number