Comms Cabinet Cleanup

The comms cabinet is very much at the centre of every business. Broadband, network and telephone systems are all managed from this location. It is here where the system administrator or IT person will patch someone or something into the business netowrk or telephone system. Most often, the request from management to do so, comes with very little notice. Comms cabinet cleanup

Even with the best of intentions, maintaining a tidy cabling system is often secondary to the urgency of resolving business critical network issues or downtime in general. This leads to a chaotic cabling system which invariably creates more difficult issues down the road.

Below are samples of two recent client sites where we have recabled their comms cabinet to a more manageable arrangement.

Benefits of keeping a clean and tidy Comms Cabinet or rack

Improves the troubleshooting process length. (eg – Printer problem – if they are all cabled with green cables then it is quicker to locate the relevant one)

Simplifies any additions or changes and also helps should you need to relocate.

Gives more room so you can install other rack equipment (servers, switches, patch panels)

Easy to follow should your IT support provider change.

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