Personally I cannot understand why medium to large sized Irish companies continue to use Eircom, Indigo, Gmail, etc email addresses. For that matter, I rarely understand why anyone starting a business would give this a seconds thought.

It’s bizarre and confusing and it sends out the wrong message to their customers. I’ve seen businesses invest thousands on marketing and all sorts of liberal minded methods of reaching out to new and existing customers but continue to use free internet accounts to access important business information. If you are using a free internet account and run into a problem with it, then you are a small fish in a very large pond. Yelling at the support technician that you haven’t received any email in 3 days might earn you great empathy but it won’t resolve the problem any faster. When these problem arise, although rarely, they can continue indefinitely.

If your email address and domain name are hosted with a credible Irish Hosting Solutions company then you’ll have an almost instant response to your problem. Irish Hosting Companies are extremely professional organizations providing excellent services at affordable prices.