You will need to provide a recent copy of your current provider’s bill showing the numbers being ported.

The Universal Account Number (UAN)

There can be no hunting on the phone line unless every number in the hunt group is being ported.

The account number on the form must match exactly the account number on the bill provided.

If there is broadband active on the telephone line it will be cancelled when ported and delay porting while broadband is removed.

If there is a monitored alarm on the line the line will be disconnected if ported and you must make alternative arrangements for your alarm monitoring.

There can be no pending orders on the line being ported. This includes any cease orders that have not yet been processed.

There can be no arrears on the account that the number is being ported from.

Any one or combination of the above will cause the port to fail and each time a port fails and has to be resubmitted reserve the right to charge a fee of 30 euro.