Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past week or so, you will have heard about the new explosive book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolf. This book apparently  paints US President Donald Trump in a light that, lets just say, isn’t very flattering, Shocked!! Yeah, me too. 

This piece, however isn’t a critique of the book but rather a warning to those that might get an alleged PDF copy of this book in their inbox. 

The State’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT-IE) are currently warning computer users against downloading PDF documents from unknown or untrusted sources. They have noticed that a large number of users have been sent alleged electronic copies of this book via messaging app or email. While the sender of the mail or message may be known to you, the original source of the file will likely not.  Weaponisation of PDFs and other document formats that pertain to relate to a topical issue is an extremely popular tactic used by even the most  advanced threat actors to gain unauthorised network access.  

If you want to read this book then go and buy it. If you want to know what a “Very Stable Genius” thinks of this book, then I would suggest, Twitter.


John Grennan –