Wishing you a very happy and successful new year!

From everyone at PCtechnix.ie.

10 Predictions for 2009….

1. Nokia will begin a phone war against Apple with their new touchscreen phone. Price of Iphone to fall dramatically. Laptops will soon overtake Desktops as the preferred computer of choice

[Fact] and this year will see the mobile phone take its place as a future contender for day-to-day computing activities in a permanent capacity.
2. Yahoo are bought by Microsoft.
3. Online backup becomes more popular (provided pricing becomes competitive).
4. Data encryption on laptops become more apparent but not standard.
5. Spam hits a new all-time high.
6. Box-Office movie downloads are introduced on youtube.
7. The release of Windows 7 is delayed until 2010.
8. Several big download sites to be shut down e.g. Pirate Bay.
9. USB 3.0 will arrive.
10. Social networking to continue to grow further and Twitter will become a  more household name.