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Hard Drive Physical Disk Repair and Data Recovery

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Hard Drive Repair

There are 4 main types of hardware failure, which are explained below in more detail. We also provide Certified Hard Drive Destruction for clients who need to put recycled systems beyond use.

We can collect your hard drive, assess it and give you a price for it’s repair.

This arises when the computer is unable to interpret the data that is randomly stored across the disk. This is usually caused by the computer’s index system being damaged or corrupted. The data still exists, but the computer is unable to recognise it for what it is, and thereby unable to reconstitute it into a readable document or file. Where structural corruption is the cause of the data loss, your chances of getting all the data back are extremely good. With the use of software tools and some manual, structural work, the data can be returned to a state that is understood by the computer. The files are most often undamaged and available for recovery.

Physical malfunction of the storage hardware is much more serious. Hardware failures fall into three broad categories.

This is where external circuitry has failed. Recovery from a hard disk in these cases is straightforward as long as a replacement circuitry is available. A hard disk model may go through many revisions during its product-cycle, and revision specific printed circuit board must be held in our parts inventory, or available from our suppliers.
This is where the internal mechanics of the hard disk drive have failed. This may be due to internal factors such as age, or manufacturing defects, or as a result of external factors such as shock, heat or water. This is more serious than an electronic failure as the internal mechanics within a modern hard disk are very delicate. Again specific revision parts are required, and the internal mechanics will need to be repaired or replaced in order for the hard drive to be able to read the data again. The hard disk needs to be disassembled in a class 100 clean environment to prevent damage to the disk platters upon which the magnetic media stores the data.

This is where the magnetic media on the surface of the hard disk platters has become damaged or corrupted.

Once magnetic media that contains data is scrapped away, not even our technicians can put it back together again. Because a computer stores data randomly across a set of platters in a hard disk drive, a relatively minor head crash can damage many files. Whole files and sometimes parts of files can be recovered but it is likely that the quality of the recovery is going to be lower than another type of hardware failure. On many occasions, the media damage is so severe that little valuable data can be retrieved.