Sending large file attachments over e-mail is usually an issue for businesses who generally use software such as Autocad for technical drawings or large PDF documents for marketing campaigns or even movie files, music files and high resolution images in day-to-day activities. Most email systems simply don’t cope very well when transmitting such files. They are usually not configured properly, have necessary limits in place (as they should) or their broadband package simply can’t meet these demands.

Thankfully, there are now 3rd party websites which can send large files on your behalf. One of these companies, Dropsend allow you to send files up to a massive 1GB to your intended recipient. You Send It is another alternative. 

Note: We usually recommend not to send any attachments to colleagues internally. Instead, you should be copying the files to your shared folders and hyperlinking as required.

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  1. File Apartment is another option..

    – Up to 1 GB
    – Easy to use
    – Free option, safe, and secure
    – No software to download or registration required

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