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Interactive Whiteboards are the ultimate collaboration tool. Perfect for the company boardroom or the classroom and designed to promote engagement and participation amongst your meeting attendees or students. Many interactive whiteboards and smart panels are also Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) enable, allowing you to incorporate a Windows 10 PC directly into the rear of the display. 


Our Partnership in partnership with Avitor, Irelands leading supplier of interactive touch displays and digital signage that work seamlessly in your boardroom, office or educational facility. Interactive display screens that are designed to provide an intuitive user experience that enables you to be more efficient and are affordable enough to be integrated into every workspace where you need to meet and collaborate.


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Vestel solution-specific products are designed to offer the highest customer experience in visual solutions.  Their interactive touch products offer the best interactivity for education, corporate and public areas.


Inspiring Classroom Experiences

Clevertouch Technologies

As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology in the classroom. The Clevertouch Ecosystem enables today’s teaching professionals to focus their valuable time on creating life-changing learning experiences, with seamless technology that is as simple to operate as it is dynamic. Transform a lesson into an extraordinary event, empower students to interact, and discover the impact of immersive learning with the Clevertouch digital classroom.


Technology To Connect, Create And Collaborate


With solutions ideal for every room, space and budget, Avocor has an interactive display screen ideal for every environment. Incredibly easy to use, our displays deliver seamless integration and by choosing Avocor in every meeting space, across a facility, campus or global offices ensures that the user experience is the same every time, meaning collaboration can happen more often and much faster, anywhere teams want to meet.


Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in Conference Rooms

It doesn't matter if you're the CEO hosting a global online conference or an office manager running an internal team meeting, you’ll need to start your event promptly. Cameron Herold, the “Business Growth Guru,” says 1 of the top 6 ways to run a good meeting is to make sure you are starting on time.


The days of passively receiving PowerPoint presentations in a meeting are long gone. For an effective presentation, you need your participants to engage., otherwise you're just a talking head. One of the most practical business benefits of interactive whiteboards is the increase in engagement levels to presenters during meetings.


There are several things that companies can do to help their teams be more productive. Factors like how information flows throughout the team members and the physical design of your conference room have an enormous effect on productivity and efficiency.

Conference rooms outfitted with powerful, modern interactive whiteboard systems help teams get stuff done faster. One reason is that these systems enable collaboration in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. New capabilities and added functionality have improved digital collaboration and removed many of the barriers to success that meetings used to suffer using the older technology.


Conferencing takes place in vastly different settings than ten or fifteen years ago and would be unrecognisable to today’s meeting attendees. Interactive Conference Room displays and whiteboards are essential to promoting a varied and adaptable conference room experience.


Interactive whiteboards that meet today’s strict standards for collaboration can bring remote teams closer to the fold. With the right conference room tech, remote participants will feel more like they’re in the room with the host/presenter. But that’s not all. They can share and participate easily, too.


Access all your Windows software just like you would on a PC or laptop. Microsoft Office applications such as Teams work great on large displays and you can even integrate with your VoIP telephone system. The touch interface makes easy work of getting to grips with inking and annotation tools.



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