– Computer monitors use 60% of the total power of the computer. 
– Only 10% of people turn off their monitor when they leave their desk for 30 mins.
– Leaving a PC monitor on all night wastes enough energy to microwave 6 dinners.
– In an office with 10 PC monitors left on overnight, enough energy is wasted to run 8 dishwasher loads/13 washing machine loads.
– The average computer sucks down 35.5 watts when on standby.
– The average ‘On’ mode for a computer is 82.2watts, and the average ‘Passive standby’ is 35.5 watts. Therefore, the average computer uses 43% of its total energy on standby.

– The average laptop uses 16.5 watts when on standby. Therefore, the average ‘On mode’ for a laptop is 34.1 watts, and the average ‘Passive standby’= 16.5 watts. Therefore,  a laptop uses 48.4% of its total energy on standby.

Quick Tip: Configure your computer to ‘energy saving mode’ or turn it off when it is not in use.