There is no doubt that the iPhone is an industry changer. I would debate that point with anyone who’d try to deny it. While there are a few new competitors to the market and the Google Android is circling the iPhone wagons, I’d safely say that it will be around for a long time. I love my iPhone by the way!

That said, here’s my Top 10 iWishlist..

Dear Steve Jobs,

1. Tethering should be standard. I find it difficult to believe that Apple can’t enforce it over respective carriers.

2. Radio would be nice.

3. Flash. Steve recently stated that Flash was too proprietary for the iPhone. He also said that it uses up too much battery and processor power. Proprietary? As I said in a recent tweet “POT-KETTLE-BLACK!”. Whatever happened to user choice Steve? And battery? See point 5.

4. Multitasking is badly needed. I believe it’s due out on iPhone 4 but we’ll have to wait and see.

5. Battery is rubbish. Please fix Stevo. I know battery technology hasn’t changed much over the last few years but if anyone can get past this, Apple can. iPhone users have to seek out charging points like smokers do smoking areas. A removable battery might be the only option here.

6. Wireless Synchronisation of iTunes. I shouldn’t have to jailbreak my phone to get this to work.

7. Voice dialling or voice activated functionality. I think Apple is already very far behind in this area. Perhaps, they don’t rate it as an important feature but there are many who see it as a prerequisite.

8. iPDA. At present there are 3 variations of the iPhone family with a 4th due out this summer. Apple should be looking at getting in the PDA market with different styles of what is essentially the same phone. For example, many have argued that a proper slide-out keyboard or pen/stylus option would draw in a vast new Apple Fanbase.

9. Ok to be honest, at reaching number 9, I’m clutching at straws because everything else I’d be looking for is due out in the next iPhone as far as I’m aware. I’ll add an expansion slot to the list just to fill it. Why did I have to say Top 10!

10. At number Ten, I’m tempted to add the battery again as it’s a real bone of contention with me. I’ll finish up with a simple desire to see Apple open up the iPhone so that developers can create even more cools apps without the strict developer approval process currently imposed. Does Apple really need to control the user app experience?