We sent out a newsletter to our clients Monday of this week using our new system. The web application we are using is excellent as it provides real-time information on how well the newsletter is received. Once the newsletter leaves our system, we can track;

1. Who opens the email.
2. How many times they opened the mail.
3. What links they clicked on and how many times.
4. If they forwarded it to a friend.
5. What email client they are using to read the mail (see below).


As you can see, from an Irish perspective anyway, that the Microsoft Outlook family (Outlook 200,2003, 2007 & Outlook Express)  is a clear front runner with business users with a massive 78% of the email client market. The system also provides a complete array of different and interesting statistics including; bounce rates, unsubscribe information, if your recipient marked you as spam, and much more.