Hello all,

This week the hosted VPS server suffered an external attack which caused several issues across all email accounts on that server. If you’re a hosting client of ours, the types of issues you will have experienced include the delay of incoming  mails, which may have taken a number of days to arrive at your inbox.

We have rectified the problem and the pop mail service should now begin to return to normal. The only outstanding issue is that we are waiting on removal of the server IP address from the Hotmail IP blacklist. This means you may receive bouncebacks from @hotmail.com or @live.ie type addresses in the short term.

We apologise for this inconvenience and hope to have this remaining issue resolved as soon as possible.

PS – be sure to check or filter for any unread mails as the mails arriving late are time stamped according to the time they were sent and not when received. i.e they don’t arrive at the top of your inbox.

Kind regards,

Eamon Gallagher