To access your computer remotely you can download and run this file. Simply enter your name and we’ll connect to your pc in a matter of seconds.

Alternatively, please call 01-8424114 to receive your 6-digit PIN code:

You Call – We Connect! Enter your PIN below[iframe src=”” width=”700″ height=”1200″]

Our Remote Services

  • We provide remote IT Support to any PC that has a broadband internet connection.
  • You Call – We Connect.
  • Instant access to Interactive Technical Support
  • No Call-Out Charges i.e No Waiting for an I.T Technician to arrive at your premises
  • Permission to take control of your PC is granted by you as a once-off. There is absolutely no way we can connect to your PC without your prior knowledge
  • We use industry standard and approved software to connect
  • 100% Safe, Secure and Hassle Free Support is brought to you by We provide on-demand Remote IT Support that is safe, reliable and 100% completely secure. Imagine having an I.T. Support Company with technicians that you have never even met!
In order to receive Remote Support you simply call 01-8424114 to receive a unique PIN which will enable us to remotely control your computer, whether its a server, laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or PDA.
That's right, if it has access to Internet we can remotely support it!