This letter arrived in the post recently. These scam artists from Barcelona have been doing the rounds for some time now. The letter explains that you simply need to sign the form and return it in the envelope provided (no stamp required). I suppose the nature of its simplicity is why many businesses in Ireland have been caught out by the scam

Once the form is returned, the business owner is hit with a bill for €987 (see bottom of form) . Worse still, they seem to be quite intent on getting this money afterwards.

My advice is simple. Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, destroy the form. Thats the simple part.

Finally, send back the envelope. You may find some comfort in the knowledge that you have cost these idiots the price of a stamp!


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  1. Just post addres of that company. I would send them empty envelope as well 🙂 Ive heard so much about those idiots.

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