I made a rare phone call today!!I actually phoned my Hosting Providers to ask why there was a VAST reduction in spam! We had received calls from clients asking us why they were receiving less mails than usual.

The fact is, that the majority of users out there know that their mail server is working fine, when they can check their junk mail folder to find that they received a spam mail in the last 10 minutes. Believe it or not, it can be useful!

So I called the data centre and stated “I’m not complaining, but did you do anything to our Server?”, They responded with an honest “No” and unless a Spotty, 17 year-old King-of-Spam was suddenly arrested somewhere in Arkansas, there doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to why this has occurred.

I’m not asking Google or browsing the web to see if anything has happened ‘out there’ as It may only backup my hunch that this is only a short-term vacation from spam.

And I am certainly not phoning the Hosting Company again only to find out that they had mistakenly given free anti-spam protection and will turn it off straight away!

In this situation, perhaps ignorance is spam bliss..