Business Broadband

Single IP Broadband

Protected uptime for connected businesses

Single IP Broadband Failover brings you Orion from our partners at Viatel. Orion is an award-winning Single IP auto-failover that protects businesses from costly outages. Dual connections and seamless failover create always-on connectivity.

What Makes Orion an Award-Winner

Static IP Stream

Uniquely engineered for real time applications like VPN and VoIP.

PCI Compliant

Businesses can process payments as usual even in an outage.


Switchover occurs within milliseconds of network disruption and restoration.

Fully Automated

Orion fails over and back with no need for manual intervention.

See the Benefits of Orion

Guaranteed Cloud Access

The migration of critical applications to the cloud results in very little tolerance for downtime. Two diverse WAN connections keep employees connected to all vital applications.

Zero Disruption

Automatic failover means there is no need to contact IT when an outage strikes. Enhanced secondary connections make it business-as-usual while the primary connection awaits repair.

Protected Uptime

Service disruptions are outside of your control but can have a devastating impact on your business. Protect against lost productivity, missed business opportunities and irritated customers.

Monitoring and Reporting

Connections are remotely monitored by our engineers. A report is issued whenever the failover is deployed and when the primary connection is restored.


Orion makes enterprise-class, resilient connectivity affordable for the first time. Invest in peace of mind, knowing that, when an outage does occur, your company will stay fully operational.