Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber security awareness

With an effective security awareness training solution,
you can transform your users into a solid first line of
defence for identifying, avoiding and reporting
sophisticated attacks.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Ongoing cyber security awareness training, for employees

Deploy with ease

100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.

Automate training

We gamify and automate staff into training participation.

Build risk profiles

Understand your users' biggest security vulnerabilities.

Target risk areas

Prioritise courses that eliminate users' unique risk areas.

Track progress

View real-time performance and enable weekly summaries.

Achieve compliance

Measure training adoption and demonstrate compliance.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Identify human vulnerabilities

Using a short gap analysis questionnaire, will identify each users’ weakest areas of security, gathering results into their unique risk profile.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Tackle individual risk areas

Using your employees’ risk profiles, will auto-enrol users onto personalised training programs that tackle their unique risks — with course topics being prioritised based on their weakest areas.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Monitor employee progress

Understand how your users are progressing with company-wide risk scoring individual user performance, and automate summary reports for managers.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Demonstrate compliance

Easily showcase your compliance efforts during audits by tracking course participation, user grades, employee risk score and export custom reports.

About Cyber Security Awareness Training

How quickly could a cybercriminal exploit your employees and breach your business? Get your free Human Risk Report to understand your human risk areas and how to fix them. To get your free report just visit our FREE Human Risk Report page and enter your email address and company name and then check your inbox.

When you sign up for the service the first thing we do is send a GAP Analysis questionnaire to every member of your team. This allows us to determine their level of cyber awareness and tailor the learning modules to each team member.

There are close to one hundred courses currently available with new courses added regularly to account for new threats and new technologies. Some of the most popular course modules include:

  • Cloud Security Phishing (Various modules) 
  • GDPR (Various modules)
  • Ransomware
  • Data handling
  • File Sharing & The Workplace
  • Holiday Phishing Awareness
  • Internet and email use
  • Home Network Security Awareness 
  • BYOD
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Malicious Websites & Applications
  • Password Security Awareness
  • Malware
  • Smishing
  • Physical Security
  • Dark Web
  • Insider Threats
  • Top Tips for Staff
  • IoT
  • Plus many more. 

Our intuitive cloud-based phishing software enables you to quickly assess user vulnerability towards real-world phishing attacks. 

Identify which users are susceptible to both common forms of phishing and highly targeted forms of 'spear phishing'.

You can:

  • Accurately determine user vulnerability towards phishing

  • Identify users that need urgent phishing awareness training

  • Reduce the likelihood of users falling victim to future phishing attacks

  • Develop a security-minded culture in your organisation

Key features:

  • Automated phishing (AutoPhish): We can deploy regular phishing simulations with our new 'AutoPhish' feature - allowing you to assess user performance over time. 

  • Realistic template library: Discover a library of phishing emails and landing pages impersonating trusted organisations, banks and more.

  • Create custom emails and landing pages: Craft your own simulated phishing campaigns, impersonate internal communications and more.

  • Inline training: Automatically send out additional training content to users who become compromised in phishing simulations.

  • Real-time tracking: See how your users interact with your simulations in real-time, giving you a key insight in how users will perform during a real attack.

  • In-depth reporting: View the individual performance of your users or assess your organisation in departments or as a whole - with custom reporting.

Automated phishing (AutoPhish)

When the AutoPhish setting is enabled, we will automatically deploy phishing simulations based on a frequency agreed with you, the client (every X weeks).

Breach testing enables you to quickly identify exposed employee email accounts and identities that have been publicly disclosed online via third-party data breaches.

With billions of credentials present in data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums, employees that sign up to third-party services with their work email address could be leaving your organisation at huge risk of social engineering, business email compromise (BEC) and other damaging attacks.

You can:

  • Identify exposed employee accounts: We identify accounts that are exposed on paste sites, data dumps and hacking forums

  • Locate what employee data is exposed: Common data includes email addresses, passwords, usernames etc.

  • Help prevent data loss: Locating these at-risk accounts enables you to safeguard users from social engineering and BEC attacks

  • Obtain actionable steps:'s security awareness software, enables follow-up user training on security best practice

FREE Cyber Human Risk Report

How quickly could your business be breached?

“How quickly could a cyber criminal exploit your employees and
breach your business? Get your free Human Risk Report to
understand your human risk areas and how to fix them.”

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Everything you need to drive employee cyber awareness.

Video & Interactive

Help users retain info with short video and interactive learning.


Keep users engaged with bite-sized, jargon-free courses.

Simulated Phishing

We phish your staff! Launch attack simulations and instantly educate at-risk users.


Deliver programmes that target each users' unique risks.

Custom LMS

Build custom courses with an intuitive drag-and-drop learning management system (LMS).

Fun & Corporate

Choose between corporate-friendly and fun training styles.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

How we make modern training truly effective?

Breaking down the material

There is a limited amount of information that a person can absorb at a time. In order to not overwhelm your employees, our training is broken down into segments, each with their own clear, simple message that’s presented in an easily digestible fashion.

Relevant Material

When your employees are given information that they feel is not relevant to them, they will quickly start losing interest and paying less attention. Learning material needs to not only avoid jargon and technical terms but be made with real-life situations in mind that they are likely to encounter.

Practical Advice

It’s essential that employees walk away from training with actual steps in mind that they can put to use right away in their daily work activities. Giving employees the chance to put their training to the test right away also helps build memory and can be achieved using tools such as phishing simulation.

Continuous Learning

We break down the learning material to allow learning to easily be made continuous, rather than a one-time thing, and courses are sent out regularly throughout the year – helping to keep security awareness consistently on the minds of your employees, as well as improving learning retention.

Embed security into your culture

Training has to be a part of a business culture where security is always given the consideration it needs, and employees are encouraged to bring up concerns and ask questions.

Video and interactive content

Video and interactive content are great for engaging your employees who may prefer a different type of learning experience. Many people learn by doing, answering questions, or otherwise taking part.

The Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

The first and perhaps most important benefit of Cyber security Awareness Training is that it can help prevent cyber-attacks from being successful. Although some cybercriminals adopt sophisticated techniques, most attacks are actually fairly unsophisticated in nature. Taking the time to teach your employees how to spot the signs and what to do in the event of a suspected attack can make all the difference.

Cyber Security Awareness training will not be effective in improving security outcomes if it is not accompanied by cultural change. Comprehensive training will teach end-users how to recognise situations where security is at risk and how to deal with them appropriately, but this knowledge is not going to be put into practice unless the user feels that security is valued in their culture. 

  • Technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your business and it’s reported that human error was a contributing factor in 95% of all breaches. Calculating your human risk allows you to identify the gaps in your human cyber defences so that you can concentrate cyber training on these areas first. With our service, we first send your employees a gap analysis questionnaire to determine their level of cyber awareness and tailor the training modules for each employee, based on the results of this analysis. From here our service calculates human risk using an algorithm that looks at several factors including:

    • Level of dark web exposure
    • Performance in phishing simulations
    • Completion rate and average grade in training courses

    To give you a better idea of your organisation’s human risk we can provide you with a Free Human Risk report.  

Downtime resulting from a cyber-attack can be costly both financially and in terms of lost productivity. Depending on the nature and scale of the attack, remediation can be hugely expensive. This can largely be avoided by ensuring your team have a high level of Cyber Security Awareness.  

Data is now seen as the most valuable commodity in the world and your IT systems store an incredible amount of it. In the past cyber-criminals would enter your systems via a phishing attack and lock you out by encrypting your data. They would then demand a ransom to provide you with the encryption keys to restore your access. As seen in many more recent attacks including the one on the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) they are now more interested in stealing your data and ransoming it back to you. If you don’t pay and, in many cases, even if you do, they release or sell your data on the dark web to unscrupulous actors.      

Reputation is everything in business. The success of your relationships with clients is largely built on trust. If data relating to your clients or business partners is compromised resulting from a cyber-attack, you are very likely to damage that relationship and lose their trust. By highlighting to clients and potential clients that your team continually undergo Cyber Security Awareness Training, you are giving them confidence that their valuable data can be trusted in your hands. Cyber Security Awareness Training doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits your customers, your suppliers and everyone else interlinked with your network.

To learn more about our Cyber Security Awareness Training service our request a Free Human Risk Report for your organisation then, please follow the link.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training - Old School vs Modern Training

Security awareness training used to mean making end-users sit through an annual session consisting of hours of lectures and slideshows. The idea was that users would remember something of what they saw and heard and in the worst-case scenario at least the box for “educating users” could be ticked. How did it fair in actually improving security outcomes though? It didn’t work, and everyone hated it.

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