Certified Hard Drive Destruction

When disposing of old equipment, do you consider the sensitive data held on the hard drives? With the introduction of the GDPR regulations this has become even more critical. A data breach could cost your business more than just it’s reputation.

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Hard drive (HDD) destruction

If you use a Paper Shredder, you will know how important it is to destroy Confidential Information – but how do you destroy the same information that is stored electronically, on your old PC’s or Laptops?

The data on a single hard drive, when printed out, will cover many football pitches. Imagine what could happen if a drive full of confidential customer or company data fell into the wrong hands.

Whether you throw it away or let it lie forgotten in deep storage, a hard drive you no longer use is a data-loss timebomb just waiting to go off. The safest course by far is to destroy it completely. It’s a step many people overlook, but it’s the only way you can be 100% certain that the data can’t be retrieved by fraudsters or identity thieves.

We can securely shred hard drives of all types for 100% piece of mind that your data can no longer be compromised. 

We record the serial number of every item destroyed, issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and send all suitable shredded materials for recycling.

Hard Drive shredding

Secure Your Data forever, in 3 steps.


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HDD Destruction


We can collect your old PC's and laptops for recycling and hard drive shredding or you can post/drop-in your HDD's for secure destruction.

Hard Drive Shredding


Our shredding ensures that 100% of data is destroyed. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records. We can also provide video evidence of destruction, on request


Collection/Recycling Old PC's

19.99 + Vat per Device
  • Min of 5 Devices
  • 100% destruction of data @ IT.ie HQ
  • We Collect, Destroy & Recycle
  • Certificate of Destruction issued

HDD Destruction/Recycling

POA Volume Discount Available (drives only)
  • 100% destruction of data @ IT.ie HQ
  • You Deliver, We Destroy & Recycle
  • Certificate of Destruction issued
  • Same Day Quotation

How It Works?

What can be shredded?

We can destroy the following digital media formats:

* Magnetic tapes up to 3.5″
* Floppy disks
* Hard drives up to 3.5″
* Credit cards
* USB sticks

Hardened Solid Steel Cutting

The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure that data is 100% destroyed and unrecoverable.

Data Security

Our shredder has T1, E2 and H3 security so you can be assured this machine will destroy your materials to the highest security standards of hard drive shredders.

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