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We have partnered with Ireland’s leading broadband providers to offer your business the connectivity it requires no mater where you are located in Ireland. Business Broadband

Unbeatable Connectivity offers unbeatable internet connectivity with multiple peering points and private network interconnects to major cloud providers and content delivery networks.

We’ve partnered with fibre and microwave providers to offer broadband access to businesses across the country, backed by support and customer service. 

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Business Broadband

Common Deployment Options

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband utilises fibre-optic cables to transmit data at high speeds using light. This technology is exceptionally reliable and capable of supporting large bandwidths, making it particularly suitable for densely populated urban environments. The speed and efficiency of fibre broadband make it a preferred choice for both residential and business customers seeking fast and stable internet connections.

Microwave Broadband

Microwave broadband delivers internet connectivity using radio frequencies that transmit data wirelessly over considerable distances. This method is advantageous in rural or remote areas where laying physical cables is impractical or too costly. Microwave broadband can bridge significant geographical challenges, providing stable and effective internet access where traditional wired connections are not possible.

Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband offers internet access by sending and receiving data to and from satellites orbiting the Earth. This type of connection is vital for areas that lack terrestrial network infrastructure, such as remote rural locations and geographically isolated regions. Although typically slower and more susceptible to latency issues than other broadband methods, satellite broadband ensures connectivity where other methods cannot reach.

ADSL & Failover Broadband

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) uses existing phone lines to provide internet connectivity, offering a cost-effective solution predominantly for residential users. It delivers data faster downstream than upstream, which suits typical internet usage patterns such as streaming and browsing. Complementing ADSL, Failover Broadband serves as an essential backup system. It automatically activates an alternative connection, like mobile networks, whenever the primary ADSL service is disrupted. This dual-setup ensures continuous internet access, providing reliability and peace of mind, especially in scenarios where consistent connectivity is crucial. Business Broadband

The Complete Suite for Business Connectivity

When it comes to business broadband, you already know what you need. It must be fast and reliable. You’ve got a business to run and customers to support, and your internet infrastructure is vital.

It’s non-negotiable, all your IT and cloud services are fueled by your broadband connection. That’s why you turn to Because we’re the experts in everything IT with unrivalled expertise and responsive customer support.

For the best business broadband, call on (01) 8424114 or email and get connected!

Business Broadband Business Broadband

Blazing Fast Speeds

Speed is more than a number—it’s your competitive edge. With, experience broadband speeds that propel your business operations into the fast lane. Whether you’re uploading large files, streaming high-quality video conferences, or managing real-time cloud applications, our fibre-powered technology ensures that your business keeps up with the demands of digital evolution.

Unwavering Reliability—Your Business Never Stops

Your business deserves a broadband service as resilient as your ambitions. With, downtime is a thing of the past. Our network is built on the latest technology with redundancy to ensure that your connectivity remains uninterrupted, enabling you to serve your clients confidently and consistently.

Tailored Solutions That Grow with You

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. At, we don’t just offer broadband; we offer customised solutions that align with your specific business requirements. From small startups to large corporations, our scalable packages ensure that you get exactly what you need, not just what’s available.

Secure Connections That Protect Your Business

In today’s digital age, security is paramount. provides not only fast and reliable connectivity but also secure broadband solutions. With advanced encryption and cybersecurity measures, trust that your business data and online transactions are protected against threats.

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