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Comms Cabinet Cleanup

When a communications rack falls into disarray, it’s probably time to get it cleaned out or even restructured.

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Comms Cabinet Cleanup

Comms Cabinet & Cleanup & Refresh

The comms cabinet is very much at the centre of every business. Broadband, network and telephone systems are all managed from this location. It is here where the system administrator or IT person will patch someone or something into the business network or telephone system. Most often, the request from management to do so, comes with very little notice. 

Even with the best of intentions, maintaining a tidy cabling system is often secondary to the urgency of resolving business critical network issues or downtime in general. This leads to a chaotic cabling system which invariably creates more difficult issues down the road.


Networking Performance and Stability

A network can only be as strong as it’s physical side. No matter how fast your speeds, it doesn’t matter if the cables and equipment are poorly installed. Poorly placed equipment and messy cabling not only looks unattractive but can obstruct circulation of air and cause equipment strain and overheat.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Any job is easy when you can see everything in scope. Adding a new patch panel is as easy as seeing the inbound and outbound ports and connecting them in a similar structure to the rest of the cabling. Without structured cabling in place, most racks devolve into a jungle of cables as no structure is in place, and only adds to the problem over time.

To Maintain a Professional Appearance

No matter the business, company representation is key. A clean work area is reflected upon its employees and ensures customers and guests that the business they are working with is professional. This remains the same not only with workplaces but network rooms and cabinets as well. It also looks great!

To Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fire

Performing a telecom room cleanup will help reveal improperly-connected power cords and allow for the proper distribution of power to critical equipment—reducing the risk of fires and accidental power outages.

About Comms Cabinet Cleanup Service

 Whether you want new equipment or to keep pre-existing equipment, we will clean, reorganise and label your telecommunications room or cabinet with minimum downtime, so you can focus on meeting your goals.