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Phoenix Backup & Replication

Advanced Data Protection & Recovery

Data Security

Replication for Ultimate Disaster Preparedness

Phoenix Backup & Replication offers a comprehensive solution to ensure your business remains operational even in the face of unexpected challenges. With our advanced replication technology, you can achieve the recovery time and point objectives (RTOs/RPOs) that your business demands. Say goodbye to relying on disjointed point-products or outdated legacy systems. Phoenix’s integrated solution ensures efficient data movement and replication whenever required.

Data Security

Single Platform for Modern Data Protection

Uptime Assurance for Critical Operations

In today’s fast-paced world, downtime is not an option. Phoenix assists you in preparing for any unforeseen events, ensuring your business operates seamlessly with minimal disruptions.

Quick Recovery for Unanticipated Downtime

When adversity strikes, it’s crucial to bounce back swiftly to prevent revenue loss and brand damage. With Phoenix, you gain access to a robust set of capabilities and a network of partners, empowering you to tackle any challenge head-on.

Efficient Replication for All

Transferring data off-site can be daunting due to large data volumes, latency, and internet traffic. Whether you’re dealing with slow or fast connections, or vast amounts of data, Phoenix has got you covered.

Data Security

Replication & DRaaS: Be Ready for Anything

Reliable In-built Replication

Achieve optimal recovery time objectives (RTO) for your assets with a ready-to-launch VM copy. Phoenix offers:

  • Efficient replication with change block tracking (CBT) – only transfer the modified blocks, minimizing data size and traffic.
  • Flexibility and neutrality – replicate backup data and VM replicas across any storage solution.

Disaster Recovery at Your Fingertips

Setting up a secondary disaster recovery site can be complex and costly. Phoenix simplifies this by connecting you with our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) partners. This integrated solution offers:

  • Secure connection to the provider’s cloud repository.
  • Hassle-free cloud failover with a self-service portal, ensuring uninterrupted access to your environment.
Backup & Replication

Maximise Your Replicas

Integrate replicas into a failover plan with Phoenix’s Disaster Recovery Orchestrator. This feature ensures rapid data movement to its destination, irrespective of link speed, using advanced WAN Acceleration. Additionally, from a backup, Phoenix Backup & Replication can generate an exact VM replica, which remains synchronized with the original VM until activation.

Backup Solutions for Diverse Workloads

Whether it’s cloud, virtual, physical, or application-based workloads, Phoenix ensures comprehensive backup solutions tailored to your needs.

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