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Remote Working

Without question, remote working is here to stay and while the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for many businesses, they have now opened their eyes to the future of work practices. Back in 2019, before Covid-19 was on our radar, it was predicted that by 2025, 70% of the workforce would be working remotely, at least 5 days a month. A Gartner CFO survey revealed that over two thirds (74%) have plans to permanently shift employees to remote working after the Covid-19 crisis ends. Remote working has benefits to both the employees and employers. Motivated workers enjoy the autonomy of remote work, however, less motivated workers may struggle and need closer supervision. For employees, long commutes are a thing of the past and your employment isn’t dictated by geography. As an employer, you now have a larger pool of talent to choose from and the overheads borne from a physical office space can be reduced. There seems little doubt that a more flexible approach to work practices is a rapidly growing trend but there are a number of factors employers need to consider

Remote Working Services

  • Multi-faceted anti-phishing
  • Machine Learning
  • Anti-spear Phishing
  • One click remediation
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Collaboration tools
  • Automated tasks
  • Hosted PBX
  • VoIP for Teams
  • VoIP Call Centre
  • NuaOne – VoIP without limits
  • Managed & Monitored
  • 24/7 Support
  • Anytime Testing
  • Local Data centres
  • Unlimited Support
  • HelpDesk Support
  • Patch Management
  • MS 365 Management
  • Fully Automated
  • Offsite Backup
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Protect remote devices
  • Data Security
  • Simple & Powerful encryption 
  • GDPR Compliance

Devices & Accessories

  • Desktops & Laptops
  • Monitors & Stands
  • Printers
  • Webcams, Headsets

Are you doing it right?

Remote Working

Whenever we discuss remote working with customers, we try to focus on the areas they have likely overlooked or the parts of the solution they’ve offered staff that go some of the way but not all. There are many parts to achieving the best results from your remote working staff


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