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Broadband Failover

Ensure Your Business Never Skips a Beat

Welcome to Broadband Failover – where we guarantee that your business stays online, always. Network disruptions can cause significant loss of productivity and profit. With our service, your internet connection remains stable and reliable, even when your primary service fails.

What is Broadband Failover?

Broadband Failover also referred to as Internet Failover is your backup plan for internet connectivity. It automatically switches your network to a secondary connection if your primary broadband fails. With our service, your business experiences no interruptions, ensuring seamless productivity and continuity.

Why Choose Our Broadband Failoer Service?


Our Broadband Failover service is the most reliable network backup solution you will find. It provides an uninterrupted internet connection, ensuring your business operations continue smoothly.


In the face of an internet outage, our Broadband Failover service jumps into action instantly, minimising downtime and maintaining your business's momentum.


Security is our priority. Our Broadband Failover service ensures your data remains safe during the switchover, protecting your information from potential risks.


A stable internet connection should not be a luxury. Our Broadband Failover service is competitively priced, offering you the best value for your money.

Why Does Your Business Need Broadband Failover?

Internet outages can occur at any time without warning. Outages may happen due to poor network cabling or hardware issues but can also occur due to even less controllable factors such as environmental disasters or cyber security attacks.

Internet failover will ensure that whatever happens, you will still have a backup connection available.

It will help provide your business with internet redundancy. This is simply reducing your reliance on one source of internet connection and spreading that potential internet failure over various sources to make your connection more robust.

Without Internet Failover, Your Business Could Be Subject to a Whole Host of Negative Consequences Such As:

  • A decline in the company’s competitiveness and reputation
  • A loss of sales (particularly for eCommerce businesses)
  • Lost contact with customers and partners
  • Delayed production times
  • Having no ability to take payments for services/products
  • Preventing employees from communicating with each other
  • A decline in productivity due to disrupted workflow
  • An increased security risk from the loss of your primary internet connection

Join the multitude of businesses across Ireland that trust our Broadband Failover service to keep them online.

Ready for uninterrupted productivity and peace of mind? Contact us today and learn more about our Broadband Failover services. Let’s ensure your business is always online, even when the primary broadband isn’t.

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