Ireland’s Year in Search 2023: A Look at What Captivated the Nation

Ireland's Year in Search 2023: A Look at What Captivated the Nation

Google’s Year in Search is always a fascinating reflection of the collective consciousness, and Ireland’s 2023 trends are no exception. Google has just released its search trends for 2023 so Let’s dive into the top 5 searches in various categories, revealing what captured our interests in 2023. Movies Oppenheimer Barbie

The 12 Scams of Christmas 2023

The 12 Scams of Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we encourage you to channel your inner Scrooge – not in stinginess, but in fiercely protecting your data and your hard-earned money from criminals.  Last year, An Garda Síochána issued a warning to consumers, stating that online fraud was on the rise at Christmas time.

From Blackboards to Interactive Displays: The Evolution of Classroom Technology

From the humble beginnings of Blackboards to the dynamic capabilities of interactive displays, educational tools have undergone a remarkable evolution. In this post we will explore the journey of classroom technology and the transformative role of interactive displays in modern education. The Dawn of Classroom Technology: The Blackboard Era The

Step-by-Step Guide to Granting Delegate Access in Outlook

Step-by-Step Guide to Granting Delegate Access in Outlook

Ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands to manage your overflowing inbox and jam-packed calendar? Microsoft Outlook offers a solution for this. Think of it as having a virtual assistant. This feature, known as Delegate Access, lets you designate another individual, termed a delegate, to handle

Beyond the Bait: A Deep Dive into Phishing Prevention

Phishing Guide

In a perpetually evolving digital landscape, phishing has emerged as a dominant cybersecurity threat. As cybercriminals continually refine their tactics, no business, regardless of its size, is immune to the risks. Drawing from our in-depth Phishing Guide (free download below), we aim to provide you with a concise yet comprehensive