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Ransomware - Do you trust your inbox

Ransomware – Do You Trust Your Inbox?

Email is the No.1 threat vector and most cyber-attacks including ransomware occur because of an action carried out by the recipient of an email. So, do you trust your inbox? The following tips are designed to help you investigate an email and avoid falling victim to a ransomware or other cyber-attack.

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Email Signature Management

7 Benefits of Email Signature Management

Emails play a big part in how you run your business with hundreds, if not thousands of emails sent every day by your team. Your email signature is a business card right there at the bottom of every email you send but unlike a business card it gets seen by more people and can do a whole lot more.

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What's new in Microsoft Teams part 2

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for 2021 – Part 2

Last week Microsoft held their spring Ignite event announcing a host of new features and updates for Microsoft Teams. In Part 1 we looked at the new features and updates for the Meeting and Webinar functions. In this post, we will look at the rest of the features and updates announced for Teams including; Chat and Collaboration, Security, Customisation, Calling and Teams Management.

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Microsoft Teams Update

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for 2021 – Part 1

At various times throughout the year, big tech companies host events where they announce new products or exciting updates, and Microsoft is no different. The Microsoft Ignite event is the hot ticket event for both Microsoft partners and enthusiasts. At this, year’s Ignite hosted between 02-04 of March Microsoft announced a host of updates for Microsoft Teams. So much was announced that I’m going to put it into two separate posts.

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Remote Working - A perk of the job or the future of work?
Remote Working

Remote Working: A perk of the job or the future of work?

The workplace saw a dramatic shift in 2020, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and what was a perk only 12 months ago, became the norm in 2020. Back at the beginning of March 7th, 2020, I wrote that “there is a very real possibility that remote working may well become the business continuity tool of necessity for many businesses” and that undoubtedly rang true. But now as we look to the future of remote working; will it once again be resigned to a perk of the job?

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