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SIM Card Swap Scam

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest What is SIM Card Swap Scam? This isn’t a new type of fraud but up until recently it hasn’t been reported in Ireland. SIM Card Swap Scam is when criminals dupe a mobile service provider into assigning a mobile number to a new sim. The legitimate

2021-10-03T16:23:44+01:00March 21st, 2019|Data Protection, Mobile Devices, Scams|Comments Off on SIM Card Swap Scam

How to check if your Twitter Account has been hacked

Have you ever wondered if your Twitter account has been hacked and who may have gained access to it?While a bit late to the party, after Google and Facebook, Twitter now lets you know any and all devices that have logged into your account. Twitter has also rolled out a new security feature for its

2018-09-13T15:22:11+01:00September 13th, 2018|Data Protection, Mobile Devices, Scams, Security, Social Networking|Comments Off on How to check if your Twitter Account has been hacked

Meltdown and Spectre

What is Meltdown and Spectre We’re only at the start of 2018 and already we have two security risks to contend with. Meltdown and Spectre are two security vulnerabilities discovered in modern microprocessor chips that may allow attackers to exploit the chips common features and puts your personal data, including passwords, at risk. People

2018-01-09T10:24:22+00:00January 8th, 2018|Data Protection, Microsoft, Mobile Devices, Security, Virus|Comments Off on Meltdown and Spectre

Android Ransomware

I would love to be spending my time writing positive pieces about IT and the world of technology and believe me, there are many positive stories I could write. Unfortunately in the fast paced cyber world we find ourselves operating in, I am increasingly finding it necessary to forewarn our clients and friends on

2017-09-13T09:56:12+01:00August 27th, 2017|Mobile Devices, Ransomware, Scams, Security, Virus|Comments Off on Android Ransomware

My iPhone Wishlist

There is no doubt that the iPhone is an industry changer. I would debate that point with anyone who'd try to deny it. While there are a few new competitors to the market and the Google Android is circling the iPhone wagons, I'd safely say that it will be around for a long time. I

2017-02-09T13:48:09+00:00May 19th, 2010|Mobile Devices|Comments Off on My iPhone Wishlist
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