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So what exactly is VoIP?

For those who have never heard about the potential of VoIP, be prepared to radically change the way you think about your current calling plan

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very simply, a method for taking ordinary analog audio signals and turning them into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet. VoIP itself has been around for about 10 years but it’s only now with the advances in high speed internet access has VoIP become a very real alternative to your traditional phone system. Simply put, your phones will look the same and behave the same as they did before VoIP but with superior quality sound and at a vastly reduced price. 

IT.ie have many years experience in all things IT and in partnership with Ireland’s only dedicated voice carrier IP Telecom, we are fast becoming the VoIP services provider of choice for businesses all over Ireland. Have a look at our FAQ below where many of your VoIP related questions will be answered. 

Save up to

10 Users

30 Monthly
  • No downtime
  • Keep your numbers
  • 1st class support

20 Users

55 Monthly
  • No downtime
  • Keep your numbers
  • 1st class support

50 Users

125 Monthly
  • No downtime
  • Keep your numbers
  • 1st class support

100 Users

150 Monthly
  • No downtime
  • Keep your numbers
  • 1st class support

Anytime, Anywhere

VoIP Solutions Ireland

Professionally installed & managed business VoIP Solutions


You can be as professional on the go as you are in an office. Any device, anywhere, instantly becomes a business communication tool.

VoIP Solutions

Our VoIP Hardware

All handsets come with numerous features that work for your business

  • All handsets are POE capable
  • Can share the existing data points with desktop PCs
  • One-touch speed dial, hotline
  • Conference, Divert, On-Hold, Parking, Paging
  • HD voice: HD handset, HD speaker
  • Volume control keys
  • Music on hold and lots of other standard features

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Free provisioning of SIP Trunks from IT.lie
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Most frequent questions and answers
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and simply put, is a means
 for you to make calls to landlines and mobile phone through your
 internet connection at a fraction of the price

Most users experience a superior sound quality with VoIP.

Yes. You existing numbers can be ported across and normally takes between 1 and 10 days.

That’s one of the great things about VoIP. You simply connect your configured VoIP handset to your home router and call made will appear to originate from your office.

Yes you can. Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Accounts etc.

Along with high speed internet access you will need a VoIP enabled handset that looks and operates as a traditional desktop phone. You can also either install or additionally install a VoIP app on your smartphone or use what is known as a softphone. This is a headset attached to your computer with VoIP operated through special software installed on your PC.

If you move your VoIP system and numbers, move with you.

Yes, absolutely and you can personalise any voicemail message, you want.

In most cases you should be able to port a lo-call number. Please contact IT.ie at support@it.ie to confirm.

There can be no hunting on the phone line unless every number in the hunt group is being ported.

A Hosted PBX is a VoIP business phone system where the “PBX Hardware” resides in our Data Centre. Rich in features, IT.ie’s hosted PBX can save significant upfront hardware charges because the PBX software/hardware sits remotely at our facility and connection is made to it from your office through our connectivity with high capacity Internet Providers.

The advantages of a hosted PBX are the lower costs of installation, hardware and ongoing maintenance. The only onsite hardware needed would be IP phones which would connect to the Internet through a Router or Firewall device. IT.ie maintains the software and servers at the Data Centre and provides technical support.

In many cases even if your PBX is not IP capable you can still use a SIP trunk to connect to IT.ie This is done by adding a gateway device that sits between your phone system and the Internet and uses a SIP Trunk over your broadband Internet connection.

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