Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Explained

When you hear the phrase “Disaster Recover” your are probably thinking of inhospitable environments or locations that suffer from extreme weather events. Did you know that most “Disaster” events occur from system failures, human error or cyber-attack? Your data is your most valuable assets and the loss of data can have a detrimental effect on […]

The Battle Between HDD and SSD – And The Winner Is?

In conclusion, the threat of cryptojacking is both real and immediate. Understanding its mechanisms, impact, and prevention strategies is crucial for safeguarding our digital space from malicious actors. As people are often the primary targets of cyber-attacks, their actions play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of such attacks. By fostering a culture of […]

Online Backup – Buy Online

Customers can purchase their online backup plan from the options below. Payment options. Prices include VAT at 21% 10gb per month : €12.10EUR – monthly20gb per month : €24.20EUR – monthly30gb per month : €36.30EUR – monthly40gb per month : €48.60EUR – monthly50gb per month : €60.50EUR – monthly

Office Copy and Scanner Machines – The Unknown Hard Drive

Not many business owners are aware that since 2002 almost all office copy machines and scanners contain a standard hard drive similar to an ordinary desktop computer or hard drive. This hard drive essentially stores every single scan to memory. Take a look at the video below for more information. If you have any questions […]

What’s eating your disk space?

For servers that are, let’s say ‘maturing in age’, business owners & management are often faced with the task of having to free up disk space and very often don’t know where to begin.  Understandably, most people faced with his prospect usually begin with a gentle email reminding staff that the shared drive is for office […]

Employee Password Complexity & Policies

When it comes to your employee password policy, you should decide whether your I.T system requires strict policing or not. If you are a company that is regularly audited, you hold sensitive or private information, etc then this a bit of a no-brainer. A decent policy requires that you use a complex password, it should […]