What’s eating your disk space?

For servers that are, let’s say ‘maturing in age’, business owners & management are often faced with the task of having to free up disk space and very often don’t know where to begin. 

Understandably, most people faced with his prospect usually begin with a gentle email reminding staff that the shared drive is for office use only.

Initially, this will reduce space to a small degree and it may remind employee’s that the server is not a dumping ground for mp3 files, photographs, movies and various other space hungry file formats. This is good practice but it very rarely yields any dramatic reductions in space. Instead, a simple program like Tree Size Free or the professional version will enable you to scan your disk drive or folder and inform you instantly where the bulk of the disk space is being used. The professional version for example, will not only give you excellent reports and graphs but it will tell you the last time certain files were even accessed, thereby giving you some insight into whether the file(s) are actually in use.

A lack of active data management not only leads to disk capacity issues, but it will almost always affect your backups and their ability to run reliably.


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