If you are unlucky enough to have been hit by the CryptoLocker ransomware virus, I’m afraid you’re not going to receive any solace from this article. In a nutshell, this software encrypts all office related documents and in some cases images on your desktop pc or laptop. Worse again, if you’re connected to an office shared drive, it will encrypt all the files there too. I’ve seen the destruction first hand and trust me I know when I’m beaten. After some exhaustive research across various well established tech forums, there doesn’t seem to be any known method of recovery other than actually paying the ransom money.  

Apparently, the encryption is created using a unique RSA-2048 public key. The decryption key is located on a secret server somewhere on the internet and there is a countdown on the infected machine which will let you know how long you have until this key will no longer be available. The clock is literally ticking from the moment you receive this ransomware.
My observations are as follows;