Double Up On Your Displays and Never Go Single Again.

You may have noticed that there is an increasing adoption of dual or multiple display set ups in business and even homes. I’ve been using a dual display both in work and at home for over a year now and I honestly don’t know how I ever managed with a single monitor. There are six reasons why I think you simply can’t function without a dual display.

Enhanced productivity – Studies have shown that working with dual displays increases productivity between 30 and 50%. Sounds a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it but think about it. With dual monitors, you no longer having to toggle back and forth between tabs, saving time and reducing errors.

Multitasking – To multitask efficiently, you need adequate screen space to keep more than one application simultaneously visible. If you work with a computer, then the odds are that you will be required to multitask. This simply can’t be done effectively with a single screen. For example, if you are editing a photo in let’s say Photoshop. You can have the application open on one display and your photo library open on the other. You can now easily drag and drop the pics from one screen into the application on the other.

Cross referencing information – One of the obvious benefits of using dual displays is that it allows staff to cross reference information between documents more efficiently. This negates the need to having to open and close documents or use split screen view. Most roles require some element of document comparison.

Cutting and pasting – You can cut and paste between documents much more quickly as there is no need to switch tabs or programs. All you need to do is drag and drop between displays.


Collaboration and communication – Dual displays allow you to keep a video conferencing application or messenger app open on one screen while you read from or work on the other. No need to have your desk cluttered with notes for your video conference.

Multi-Screen tools – Did you know that in Windows 10 you can customise the taskbar for each screen.


Dual monitor systems are easy to set up, inexpensive and do not require any additional software. Most modern computers come with the ability to connect a dual screen and if they don’t, a simple adapter will rectify that. One highly effective space saving solution for dual and multiple displays is to have them mounted with dual desk mounts.  These are again relatively inexpensive and can be set up in a few minutes. I am a huge advocate of dual displays and can guarantee that once you double up you won’t go single again.

 John Grennan –

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