The scam: Person of Indian extraction calls a home user claiming to be from Microsoft declaring that the users pc is infected, slow, sending out spam, and basically needs to be repaired. They then proceed very forcefully to try and direct the user to a website where they will remote on to their computer and ‘repair’ the problems for which they have suggested exist. They use strong misleading language, switching to and from their supervisors,  and any means necessary to try to extract or extort up to €159 from their victim. They’ll use language like; “Your licensing is invalid”, “You’re sending out Viruses”, etc,etc.

This is occurring all around the country at the moment from what I can tell. I know of 5-10 people who have been approached by this company in the last 3-4 weeks. Ironically, we have also received over 10 phone calls from this company who are amazingly brazen and bully-like in their approach. One of our customers was directed to the Microsoft Event Viewer  in an attempt to point out their terrible pc plight. The Event Viewer is, even at the best of times loaded with of errors, and any trip here is going to show such messages. When or if they call you, HANG UP and don’t let them waste your time. These people should be avoided at all times for various reasons;

  1. You don’t know who they are or what they are going to do with your pc once they gain control of it.
  2. You don’t know how much fun they’re going to have on your credit card.
  3. €159 for a Remote IT Repair Service would be a rip-off even in Celtic Tiger Ireland. We provide the service ourselves (Commercial Only) for just €65.

Their link is here:

–          The website looks like something from the 80’s – Clue 1
–           5 international phone numbers and no business address – Clue 2

Need anymore. Hope not! The Clue is in the Cold Call..

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    1. Explain how they’re genuine? Also interesting to see that your comment came in from an Indian IP address (IP: ) ?? Hmmmm….

  1. I’ve had three such calls and when I asked (the most recent time) what my IP address was, I was told When I said I thought each IP address part could only go up to 255, he told me no, 355.

    How will a genuine company tell you that entries in the system log mean the hardware has a virus? Surely hardware virus is called rust?

  2. Hey, “PC Care Online” called me yesterday. There was a virus detected in my computer and I had been working on it all day…running diagnostics and restarting…frusterated. Well, it was a call from India, and they switched me to a guy that was very forceful for me to verify his company’s name and phone number 1-888-408-4117. Said that there will probably be a charge after the tech helps me fix my computer. The computer tech was trying to get my computer working after about 2 1/2 hrs he gave up, said he will call me today at noon. How do I confirm this company? I looked at BBB today, ran their phone number, and company name…nothing on BBB. I called the number and requested information to validate their company they gave me the website “” I am searching this site now for verification.

  3. Just ask them if they work for, or are authorized by Microsoft to contact customers and wait for their reaction. Priceless… Total Scam.

  4. Phoned on several occasions when I was out and spoke to my 16 yearold daughter who was very intimidated and told them to call me back. They insisted she log on to the computer and when she told them she did not know the passward insisted she did not need one. She was quite upset by the tone of voice and manner they used. They spoke to me today and again were very insistent that I ran eventviewer and look on my pc. Told them I was too busy and they left a phone no. 01274 790085 for me to call after 7pm the next day!

  5. On 30 July I got a cold call from this Indian call centre and because I felt ill that day sadly I ended up paying £69 forthe technician to clear the “viruses” from my computer and protect it for a year.
    Naturally I feel pretty stupid to be taken in in this way.
    The sales pitch was very forceful and bullying and I fell for it.
    Does anyone know wh to contact to try aand get redress?

    1. Hi Maggie,

      I wrote a letter on behalf of my client to their bank. They’ve put in a claim stating “No actual product or service supplied”. There’s no real reason why your credit card company shouldn’t refund the money as far as I can see.


  6. I had never heard of this scam but when I got a call today from some Indian bloke saying there were problems with Windows and demanding to know what operating system I was running and who in the house was using the computer I smelt a rat. I asked why he wanted to know and he very forcefully said my computer had problems that needed sorting – now! I told him I was quite capable of looking after my computer’s security myself and hung up. Having now read about the scam online I plan on having a little fun at their expense should they ring me again!

  7. Was on the phone for 10 minutes with some Indian guy and his “supervisor” today,quite an odd experience. They’re obviously a lot smarter than before, these scammers. I guess they now know that know one is stupid enough to hand out there personal info over the phone anymore, so they set up a bogey website. You know what I found absolutely hilarious, when the dude told me to put “” in the search engine, right underneath it “ scam” was in the top ten search results I lul’d so hard. XD

  8. I got a similar call from someone with a very strong Indian accent. When I asked for a number to call them back on, they gave me this number: 1-888-408-4117.

    They had me open the control panel on my computer and showed me a bunch of red x’s and error messages that they said were causing me problems and that they could fix it.

    As the orginal poster explained, those errors are normal. Don’t fall for this scam! I never called the guy back.

  9. Also got a call today, must admit I found it very funny when I said that all the computers are Apple Mac’s connected to the router, at which point the call changed tone, I was told that his logs told him the name phone number and OS running so it must be Windows. So he said he would check the logs and call back in 30 mins, its a total scam and don’t be fooled.

  10. Oh No ! My mother paid by credit card three lots of over $300 (Australian) each. This was supposed to be for six years of service ! 3 times they have ‘worked’ on my pc, the last time, I watched everything that was done over 2 and half hours, he did nothing more than I already do as normal maintenance !!

  11. I`ve left messages to this guy`s asking if it`s children who are working for them.How to companies like onlinepccare get a license? Not likely in our countries! There has got to be a way to protect ALL OF US from SCAM like them.

  12. Just had another one,I love these calls, I pretend to be completely gullible fascinated by their genius at knowing these things and ask them to talk me through the instructions repeatedly, really slowly and I repeat what they say really slowly as if I am following every word, then pretend to accidentally close it down and ask them to take me through it again and again and again. They are very patient, I’ll give them that, and remain po;lite even when I tell them that there’s no way I am anywhere near my PC and not falling for their scam

  13. An epidemic of calls, all with same sales pitch.It was on Crimeline programme sometime back.It is also on the Garda Website as given to me by an Officer in their Unit. Perhaps Crimeline should repeat.

  14. Exactly the same call today, open event viewer, asked who use the computer, how long we’d had it, whether I was employed or a student, then directed me to the onlinepccare website. I hung up when I realised it was a sales pitch but the Indian guy called back another 5 or 6 times before giving up.

  15. The scam is still running in the new year. Got a call today from an Indian guy calling himself Syd Watson (a truly traditional Indian name!) and saying he was a representative of this company, linked with Microsoft ad saying they were to check up on all Windows users. He got me to run the event viewer thingy, which, for the uninitiated like myself was quite a shock and I almost fell for it. He also knew my surname though he pronounced it wrong. He even told me my correct address when I started pressing him about the legitimacy of his call. I demanded the company registration number and to talk to his supervisor and the like and he went on the defensive (he was before that quite domineering). He told me he’d ring me back in 15 minutes (a few hours ago now). He gave me a phone number at one point in the call when he found out I had dial-up and could only access the internet when I wasn’t using the phone, 015133040. I rang it out of interest from my mobile (not a new smart phone, it’s about 10 years old and still has Snake on it, hopefully safe?) and it gets through to their base in India. Could this be used to track them down/report them?

  16. Just had a similar call – waiting for them to phone back!!!
    Was asked to put into google so that avoided
    seeing the sites. Thank heavens for sites
    like this that tell the truth. Good work. By the way our indian was
    called Mark Nicholson!

  17. Hi I had a call today from a woman who knew my name and
    mentioned PC Repair. I said I wasn’t interested and just put the
    phone down. The incoming number was 0091731 which is odd. -some
    sort of a link line?

  18. Just had the same thing from “Kate Watson” of online pc care – Tel: 029 2000 8744 and 020 331 85211 who is going to phone back in 5 mins. once I’ve checked with these numbers. Bet she doesn’t!
    She almost got me to start pressing keys on the computer which I guess would put me in their power. Phew! Thanks for the tip-off.

    1. It might be the last you hear from Kate, but not the last from onlinepccare Roz 🙂 They’ll be back on as brazen as ever. Trust me.

  19. Oh boy these guys are good because im usually very
    sceptical and i was completely dragged in cant believe i was so
    stupid ive been kicking myself since yesterday!!!! luckily when i
    realised they wanted payment i said no ,”sean williams” got very
    aggressive!!! i’ve been told that while they have remote access
    they install files to see bank passwords etc so basically anyone
    that gets caught needs to get a technician to remove all their scam
    files.They are targeting dublin area at the moment and again they
    are very good at what they do!!!!!!!!

  20. Just had the exact same phone call, got out of it by explaining our internet wasn’t working. We are in country NSW Australia so they are trying everywhere. Sounds like I’ll get another call back next week when I said the internet will be fixed. Thanks for confirming it’s a scam.

  21. OnLinePCCare is a genuine company based in Kolkata, West Bengal,India. They have been operating in this domain since 1987. The staff from OnLinePCCare never asks for bank details. the customers of OnLinePCCare are requested to pay through paypals. They never claim that they are from Microsoft. What they claim is that they have Microsoft certified engineers. There may be some fake people who may claim that they are from OnLinePCCare to misuse its name. But OnLinePCCare is a highly reputed company.

    1. Sam, you’re obviously fom India. Do you work for onlinepccare? Are you aware that the “remote session” of all these complaints is initiated from their website?

  22. Well it’s been a few weeks since the last call, but they’re
    back, this time under the guise of “Prozone Services”. Same spiel,
    same nonsense, but this time informing me that “we only give you a
    call once your computer is more than 70% infected” and we need to
    connect you to our technical department to upload “Windows Advanced
    Care” software. The customary walk through the Event Viewer was a
    little more amusing than usual though because, apparently, if I had
    clicked on any of the entries, it would have “activated” it and
    could have made my computer (even more) unusable. Being engaged in
    actual work, I could only string along the caller for fifteen
    minutes or so, and when asked to enter the secret code number at, told her I realised the whole thing was a rip-off.
    Fair play to her for her comeback: “You obviously do not understand
    sir, and your computer is full of junk files and errors.” Having
    wasted 15 minutes of her (and my) time, I put the phone down,
    hoping that’s one or two less people she might otherwise

  23. Well they have hit Canada now. I have received several calls in the past week or so. Thankfully I’m not computer illiterate so I caught on to the scam quickly and told the guy I wasn’t typing anything into my computer. Just wished I messed with him a bit before hanging up.

  24. Just had one of these idiots on claiming to be
    from Windows Support claiming I had a lot of problems
    on my computer. I Told him he was misinformed but he persisted and said go to the computer…..I Just said look I have my system professionally maintained (absolute lie) and that there were no problems. He just said oh and went off the phone. I Do the same with all the idiots who ring up from India claiming to be working for
    Sky – just tell them I don’t have a sky system.

  25. OnLinePCCare is a genuine company based in Kolkata,West Bengal,India. It has been a leading pioneer in providing online PC support since 1987. it has earned a lot of accolades from its huge vase of customers all over the world for last 24 years. OnLinePCCare is promoted by the Pecon group of companies.
    The website of Pecon group of companies is
    Any further query could be sent to
    There may be some other scamsters masquerading as OnLinePCCare. But that does not mean that OnLinePCCare is a fake company.
    OnLinePCCare never asks for bank or credit card details. The subscribers are requested to pay through PayPals.
    There are millions of satisfied customers of OnLinePCCare all over the world. Some scamsters are deliberately maligning the image of OnLinePCCare.
    Be careful of scamsters.
    Thanks and regards
    Samuel Jefferson

  26. I’m in Canada and feel the most stupid. I pressed all the buttons they requested and allowed them access to my computer. Within a few minutes I got very nervous and went offline. Is this just a scam to get the subscription dollars from you (didn’t give them that) or do they steal you bank numbers etc. I don’t know if I should start cancelling everything. Not sure what to do?

    1. Hi Denice, from what I can tell it’s merely the subscription dollars they’re after as you describe. That being said, the credit card is at risk of being processed gain I suppose. I’d suspect you’ll be okay if you just cancel the card. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself either. Theses guys are very convincing and professionals at what they do.

  27. i have had 5 in three weeks in country WA australia..i am thinking of getting a whistle!!! they are pushy and rude and ring at dinner time..maybe put on fighting kids next time…

  28. I’ve just received a call today too from an indian man! The background was extremely noisy and it seems like everyone in the background is repeating the exact lines! I felt suspicious, but since I haven’t heard of this scam before I let him continue. He was extremely rude and pushy! He told me to turn on my computer and press “windows r” to and then to type in “cmb” and then it ran the windows command propt. After he read out “CLSID 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062” and said that was the exact number of the infected computer then he got me to type “eventvwr” which ran my windows’ event viewer. I kept asking what company this was and he would say he is from ” the computer service provider” but it apparently did not have a name. At that poin my boyfriend called me during his lunch break and he works for a computer company. I told the scammer to hold on while I told my boyfriend about this call and what he was telling me to do. My boyfriend told me to hang up and told me there is no such thing as computer providers calling to fix your computer. So I got back to the scammer said in a terrible Indian accent “the other person on the phone with you is threatening you, more than I am” to me that totally made no sense. I was wondering if there is any damage since I open event viewer? And typed in a couple of those code? Thanks!!!!!

  29. Just had a call from Asian-sounding John at Online PC Care.
    Action Fraud in UK are now working with London Police and you can report this fraud to them. Try to get caller to give you name of outfit, phone number (I say “There’s a dodgy line here – can I ring you back in case we get cut off?”). He gave me the above number and the website.
    WOT ( which rates websites, flagged this up as having a ‘Poor reputation’.
    Caller: Online PC Care

  30. Just had my sister on the phone upset and frantically telling me she had an ‘Adam’ on the phone from a foreign Asian company for nearly an hour trying to persuade her to clik on their company link to fix a security issue on her PC. Thank goodness she did not give him her card details. He was asking for £85.The phone number he gave was 02920008744 and that is Online Personal Computer Care.
    What a load of crock! I phoned the number to complain, and sure enough an Asian man answered, I asked to speek to his Manager (roughly containng my anger by explaining what a scam they are) I was on hold then they hung up on me. I phoned again and got through to a line manager. After a lengthy conversation of explaining what a load of coblers they are and him swearing they are a legitimate company and stating that other companies are using their name and number to run a scam, I then asked him “what I can’t understand is If other companies are pretending to be yours and run a scam, then why don’t you change your phone number?’ He just said it’s not as easy as that, it is all computerised etc. Anyway, I told him i was literaly reading the comments above while i was speaking to him and told him that I had Googled his phone number and it came up with all these bad comments about the company. He said “Google is wrong madam” Ha! Unbeleivable. I said I was going to report him to Actionfraud UK, he gave his name as ‘Michael Jackobs’. I commented at the fact that it was very conveient that they all had English sounding names, he got frustrated and said ” I know what your thinking Madam, I have a British Father ok and an Idian Mother” I thought it was strange he had to explain himself!! He stated he is just a simple Man working at his job to provide for his family.
    Anyway, just be careful out there when you receive unsolisited call claiming sutch services. Scam or not, no transaction like this should be carried over the phone, and to pray on vunrable people who do not undertand computers is such a low form of trying to make an honest living for one’s family regardeles where in the world they are!!!
    Poor reputation indeed!

  31. I’ve had the Indians on to me a few times in the last months. I live in Limerick, Ireland. Last time after going through the usual pitch familiar to you all I was annoyed at their invasion and I said that I was experiencing no problems with my PC and they hung up. Truch is I am experiencing exactly the problems that they are speaking about which led me to think that they are probably behind introducuing the virus – and then call to fix it. Is that the case ? Anyway I got a call from Elisha today – Indian accent – same story, so i challenged her, to tell me who they were, how they got my number, how they knew I had a problem etc. She gave me the website which I looked at and it looks like something a kid developed. All the time she was asking me to go to my PC – trying to get me to commence some diagnostics. She told me they got my number as I was an authorised Microsoft User. She knew my location as she said they were cold calling Limerick today. I was laughing at this stage – cold calling a whole city – nice opne Elisha. Anyway I continued to play dumb … eventually said I wanted to look at their website and assess my options. What a scam – I am IT savvy but can see how people can easily be duped. Any way these guys can be stopped ?

  32. These guys called me 18 months ago and gullably I accepted and paid $495.00. Then when they wiped all info on the Run site I looked up their name and all I saw was SCAM. So I contacted them, eventually, and demanded a refund or I would take them to a tribunal. They did. 18 months later, yesterday, they phoned again with that same demeaning manner and told me I had a virus. Insisted they work for windows. Told them to sod off and I will take to someone else to see if in fact it is “infected”. Interesting how they are all called John, Sam, Nigel etc. Yes and I’m Mahat Magandi

  33. Another Canadian here, who just received this call from “Prozone Services” (they give out their website as ). The Indian-accented caller identified himself as Warren Jones. I didn’t type in eventvwr or fall for the scam.

  34. Oh, I should add: when I asked for their phone number, I was given two different ones: 520-627-7432, and 904-429-3226 .

  35. now they are calling in canada montreal rive sud de montreal they call 3 time i did hang the phone the guy call back ! i did ask him to give me some detail about me my name last name ,if microsoft is partener wit that compagny you will have those information the guy continue to say that he have my phone number ! so still ask to put some commande in my computor ! (eventvwr) so i said no way ! you wont have acces to my computor by remote. so fuck that stupid compagnie in french gang de trou du cul qui essais de arnaquer des gengs honette .

  36. These cons phoned me 3yrs ago and I initially and naively agreed, paying $400.00. Then read their blogs on google only to see it was a con. I emailed them back to DEMAND my money back or I would report them to the Australian authorities. Surprisingly I did get it back eventually. However 3 yrs later they attempted again. Very forceful also. I hung on them after telling them I had read enough to know they were scammers. He was furious and phoned me back telling me he was not and that they were from Microsoft, I had a virus and they told me I need to allow them entry to my computer to fix. I again hung up then posted a Scam warning on their site. OnLinePCcare. They then emailed me demanding I retract. No thank you. And if you are in fact John from India then I am Mahat Magandhi from Australia. I have been assured by Microsoft and Bigpond etc they DO NOT cold call. In fact good luck getting hold of anyone from Microsoft let alone they call you. SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. These pests have rung me many times over last two years. I cannot stop them recalling but I have had a lot of fun wasting their time and playing along, asking awkward questions etc. Ask them are they the only company in the world that can fix your problem and ask them to suggest alternatives.

    My advice to onlinepccare is to get rid of all your Indian staff and get Paddies – a least the accents will change! The game is over.

  38. Last night had these charlatans phone me at 9pm. I hung up. Today I had them phone be again this time saying not online pc care but the other….online pc doctor. I hung up. Not a couple of minutes later had another Indian chap phone stating it “wasn’t him” who just called but to warn me my I.P. address was being used in various countries. He (David) was from MSW service. So I asked for phone number which he stumbled getting the more importantly asked for ABN. Then told him I will phone him back. Well needless to say am not as I checked the ABN and, wait for it, it doesn’t exist. Shock Horror. Oh by the way, this is my 3rd posting regarding theses scammers. Please people don’t let these con artists have any access to your computers. They are aggressive and persistent but just ask for the ABN and hang up. If they are legit the number will appear on the ABN site. I should know, I implemented the GST when it first came out at the Uni I was working for at the time.

  39. Be careful if intending to have some fun with these guys. They have called and demanded money from my partner, using foul and abusive language and threatening to come round and get her. We can’t let the children answer the phone now for fear of the disgusting language they may be subjected too. Have reported to the police and the phone company but nothing they can do without the incoming number. I may have to change my number !

  40. Well just to make everyone feel better.
    Search Indian scammers prank call on youtube.
    This onlinepccare have become the most prank called ‘victim’ in the prank calling community, and its still going strong.

  41. An example : they called here , I asked them for their company number, no problem listed a number, looked up cro , company ceased trading. Then asked them for their address. No problem. looked up the address on the web, a derelict building in Nrth Earl Street. Asked for vat nunmber, no problem : vat number turned out to be valid, but for a bakery. They are cooking alright. Best thing is to put the phone down gently. Make a cup of tea.

  42. I just talked to Joy Anderson, and his supervisor Alex Anderson. Alex gave me phone numbers 888-408-4117, 646-884-9561, 646-626-5558, and 718-819-1080. This was after his pushy sales pitch, and I told him I would have to call him back. He said he could give me a secret code # that belonged to him, but not to tell anyone what it was. That’s when I googled austin onlinepccare, and got a real eyeful. They are REALLY pushy, and sympathized with me when I told them I needed to check something out, but I would call back later. Several of the give aways was the names, the accent, the secret code # and then topped it off by saying that after they cleaned up the computer, I would pay a one time fee.

  43. They have moved on from ‘event viewer’ now, they get you to run a command to open up the .inf folder, and recoil in horror at the number of files in there “these are all the files downloaded when you surf, and these are used to scam or steal your identity”. (They were most insistant that they couldn’t be just deleted). I went along for a while (just for fun) then got bored and told them I knew it was a scam and hung up, – they called back again ! Didn’t listen just put the phone down.

  44. I just got a call from these guys. He said that they were receiving reports and my computer was full of viruses. I said, “Oh, okay, is this for Windows?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Oh.. well I don’t have Windows” HE HUNG UP. Wait buddy, what about those reports you were receiving?!

    If they call again I’ll ask them strange questions, pretend to follow their instructions, lead them on for a while. Might as well have some fun! (They probably already have me on their no-call list)

  45. Hi all,

    I’m afraid my father in law fell for this scam. He input his bank details on a ‘secure’ site online and was charged 215 Euro.

    I knew straight away it was a scam when he told me about it so I looked at the computer. The scammer downloaded avast antivirus softare (free) version and somethign else.

    I got my father in-law to cancel his card straight away so they couldnt charge anything else. The scammer then rang up last night saying there was problesm with the software he installed and wanted to process a refund. However he needed us to go back online and re-enter the card details. I was having dinner at the time so I got talking to him – He wasnt too impressed with what I had to say and told me to f**k off & hung up.

    My questions are:

    I’ve run malware, spyware and virus checks and everything apears to be ok. Could I also restore the computer to before the scammer got involved? Would this be enough to ensure its safe?

    Also why do you think he was on to us again looking for a refund. I was thinking it could be because the card was cancelled and he couldnt use it again hence he wanted new details?


  46. Hi James, I doubt system restore would make any difference. All indications are that implanting actual malware is not of their plan so I don’t believe you have too much too worry about. It also sounds like you have checked the computer extensively anyway. I agree it sounds like he wanted to get new credit card details as you may have beaten him to it.

  47. My mother received a call from Online PC Care this evening, and initially did as she was asked: she accessed the computer, told the scammer the version of windows she is using, and accessed the event viewer. At this time, she became very suspcious and told the caller that he needed to call back when I am there (technically, it is my desktop she is using). She then called me and I immediately informed her that it was a scammer calling. Before I had an opportunity to finish researching this bogus company and read the above comments, I had her shut down her computer and disconnect the internet. She rarely uses her computer anyway, so it isn’t an issue until I can drop by and run a full virus/malware/etc scan for her.

    For any future potential victims, she was told that the company was Onlice PC Care with a telephone number of 1-888-408-4117. The scammer said his name was Daniel Smith and his ID number is 12353. And yes, he spoke with an Indaian accent and was extremely forceful and rude towards my mother. I’ve attempted to call the 888 number but so far, I have only received a busy signal.

    Luckily, my mother did not give out any banking or credit information, but, as other posters have stated, this company is a SCAM–please warn your friends and family, especially is they are not especially tech savvy. No reputable company will cold call “customers” and then ask you to access your computer. This is a warning that needs to be passed along!!!! Good luck to all.

  48. Can someone tell me what’s being done about these scamming idiots? ive had 8/9 calls now. I’m not daft and wasn’t going to fall for it but i am getting sick of telling the idiots to piss off.
    Anyone know where i can we find out what’s happening with an investigation/legal action?

  49. Great work! This is the kind of information that are meant to be shared across the web. Disgrace on the search engines for not positioning this publish higher! Come on over and visit my site . Thanks =)

  50. This scam is still going on, only now they are the eSolve company and are still giving the callback number on 888-408-4117. I talked to Mary Williams id# 10709 and told her our number is on the do not call list and I will file a complaint against them, which I just did. This was on the 21st of June. Just got another call from the same Mary Williams, same id # only it was to lower the interest on my VA loan that does not exist.

  51. I keep hearing about this kind of scam almost on a weekly basis from clients. I have had Apple users complaining of these scammers starting to target them. Usually the scammer insists it is a Microsoft issue but when they learn they have come across a Mac user they quickly change tact to target the OS X system!

  52. My dad had these guys on and my neighbour also had a close call, so I was aware of them. When I got a call the other day I decided to waste his time and money for a while. He was trying to get remote control of my machine, I think so that he could get details of my card and bank details. When I told him that I did use my machine for banking and shopping he passed me to his “supervisor” very quickly. I told him I had just turned on, that the computer wanted a restart. I told him that windows needed to make 28 updates and that I thought it would take some time. I went out to the garden and did some watering and weeding, occasionally coming back to give him a false update on the progress of the fictitious 28 updates. I got fed up after about an hour and told him he was a dirty scammer and to f off and leave us alone. Childish, but satisfying and if more of us did this sort of thing it would make life more difficult for the scammers and make them less profitable, while hopefully protecting someone who is less aware of the risks these people create. Give it a try & enjoy it. Lets try to come up with more creative ways of keeping them on the phone at their cost without costing us anything. Pretending to be very slow and stupid with computers really helps to suck them in. I told them that my daughter managed all of the computer stuff and that I just used it a bit.

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