Joining the rest of the Twit – terrers..

Last year I suggested in this article that the over use of social networking for business was a bad idea. I still stand by my assertion that its “all a bit much” and have previously stuck to my own advice insofar as not to embrace every possible social networking trend just because everyone else is… Also, I have categorically stated (mainly offline) on several occasions that I wouldn’t even discuss Twitter for PCtechnix. This may turn out to be one of those “practice what you preach” moments but this morning I signed up to a Twitter account against my better judgement. My main objective here was to protect the account so that someone else could not register it or as it is now known to “twitterjack” the account. The first tweet even reads “Our first ever tweet! Promised we wouldn’t join another social media thingy but protection is better than cure :)”. For now, I plan on using it for educational purposes only (I swear!). Truth be told, there isn’t much choice. With a current growth rate of over 1350%, Twitters’ popularity is showing no signs of slipping. I’ve decided for now to use it in very basic mode until we at least pickup a few followers. To start, I’ve integrated our twitter account with this blog so that with every new blog post created, the site will automatically tweet a link back to the post. What appeals to me here is that, we can advertise our tweetcred to our customers while still remaining fairly hands off in its use as a tool for business. That said, if we manage to get a few followers it’s possible the temptation to tweet might be just too twempting :).


Twittonary: Some useful Twitter phrases..

Twitter: A social networking and mico-blogging service.
Twiitterer: A user of Twitter. Also known as a Tweeter.
Tweet: A message sent on Twitter.
Dweet: Alcohol induced tweets. Can’t be good!
Mistweet: A tweet of regret. See above!
TweetIn: When a group of Twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter.
Tweetup: When a group of Twitterers agree to get together for a meeting.
Twitterati: Twitter users of celebrity status. Us lesser people are known as Tweeple.

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