Most Popular Google Searches in Ireland for 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Google has revealed the most popular trending searches in Ireland for the year. Covid associated queries that featured prominently in 2020 and 2021 were relegated with “Wordle” now sitting on top of the table for the most popular overall search query in Ireland for 2022. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle who initially created the game for himself and his partner to play before making it public in 2021. The game really took off when he added the ability for players to share their daily results on Twitter. Like so many of you, I was addicted to this game in the early part of the year before losing interest after breaking my streak. Heardle at number six for overall search queries is a word I never came across before today and unsurprisingly, had to Google it. It looks like a fun music trivia game that I’ll have to try.

Queries that would appear to relate to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine featured prominently on Google search, this year with both ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Russia’ featuring in the top 10 overall searches. As people across the world feared an escalation in the conflict beyond Ukraine and the talk of nations evoking various NATO, articles people across Ireland wanted to know a little more about NATO and went to Google for the answers. The most popular movie-related query this year was ‘The Batman’. To be fair the movie and its leading man Robert Pattinson, were better than I expected but I still believe Michael Keaton, holds the crown for his portrayal of the big screen hero.  

Here's what people in Ireland searched for in 2022.

Overall Searches

1) Wordle 
2) Ukraine
3) Queen Elizabeth
4) Aisling Murphy
5) World Cup
6) Heardle 
7) Dahmer 
8) Johnny Depp
9) Russia
10) Anne Heche


1) The Batman
2) Uncharted
3) Thor Love & Thunder
4) Top Gun
5) The Banshees of Inisherin
6) Encanto
7) Black Adam
8) The Lost Daughter
9) Don’t Worry Darling
10) The Good Nurse

What is

1) What is NATO?
2) What is Monkey Pox?
3) What is Wordle?
4) What is an Oligarch?
5) What is an NFT?
6) What is Aphasia?
7) What is Hepatitis?
8) What is the population of Ukraine?
9) What is Salmonella?
10) What is the Met Gala?

This time next year when we look at the most popular Google searches for 2023, we can only hope and not unrealistically that “Ireland Rugby World Cup champions 2023” is top of the list.