Switching Broadband Providers

So you’ve just has a visit from the broadband salesperson. They’ve told you that you’re spending too much money on your landline, mobiles and broadband and have decided to save you from these unnecessary charges. In theory, there is nothing wrong with this. Cutting costs is essential in all businesses irrespective of whatever times we live in. However, after the salesperson has made the deal to move you over, they’re gone. You’re now on your own. He or she will not hold your hand during the changeover. At this point, there are very few instances where the transfer is simple. If you are thinking of taking advantage of these savings you should consult very closely with your IT support on the potential risks, required changes & possible downtime. Also, remember you will almost certainly incur IT costs as part of this transfer so you should factor this into your cost savings.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself, your IT person and/or the salesperson;

– Will I need a new broadband router?
– If no, will I need to change the settings on my existing router?
– If yes, will I need to reconfigure for my internal IP addressing, port forwarding, wireless, etc.
– Do I need to change my email MX record?
– Do I need to change my SMTP settings? On the server or all office pc’s?
– What will my new static IP address be? Lead time?
– Are there any DNS or A records which pertain to my existing static IP address?
– Will I receive a phone call when the move is ready?
– Mobiles – Who is going to setup the new phones (if any) i.e setup email, transfer contacts, etc.

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