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IT professionals need a backup and disaster recovery solution that can adapt to changing IT environments and get systems up and running fast after disruption.



StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® provides backup and disaster recovery, data protection, and managed system migration for Windows systems on virtual and physical machines. Recover systems, applications, and data to the same or different hardware or virtual environment.

If you’re working in a hybrid environment, you’ll likely appreciate being able to run one backup and recovery software solution on all workstations and servers, whether physical or virtual.

Features and Benefits of Shadow Protect

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Capture everything—systems, applications, configuration settings, services, data—so you don’t risk losing irreplaceable data, custom applications, or your operating system.

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Run backups regularly, even while people work (they won’t even notice), and you’ll never risk losing more than a few minutes of data

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Remote Management

Manage the ShadowProtect agent on remote machines without leaving your desk.

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Verify backup images to ensure they’re in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery.

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Recover a file or a folder or restore a whole system fast, to the same or different hardware, and avoid downtime and its costs.

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Move a system to a new machine without losing uptime, and do so regardless of your hardware choice.

Use ShadowProtect in these Scenarios

  • Performing bare metal recovery after a server fails or a hypervisor succumbs to malware

  • Restoring to the same hardware after a system error causes a server crash

  • Restoring to the same hypervisor after the hypervisor or server crashes

  • Migrating to new hardware or virtual environment

  • Taking continual incremental backups so the business never risks losing more than a few minutes of data

  • Restoring whole data volumes

  • Recovering specific files and folders

  • Testing new applications prior to introducing them into your production environment

  • Testing your business’s disaster recovery plan

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Local backups are enough to recover IT systems from server failure and other common disasters. But a site-wide disaster will destroy those backups.

With StorageCraft® Cloud Services you’ll have the tools you need to quickly get running again should your business experience a major local disaster. StorageCraft Cloud Services stores your backups remotely so you’re ready for the worst. Recover data, even virtualize your machines and re-create your network in our cloud purpose-built for disaster recovery (DR).

Customize your cloud configuration to fit your environment and budget needs. As a StorageCraft Cloud user, you’ll enjoy:

  • Low setup, management, and overhead costs

  • Control over your own cloud settings and recoveries

  • Predictable monthly pricing