Wi-Fi 6

The next generation of Wi-Fi brings more than just faster speeds


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What is  Wi-Fi 6

WiFi 6(802.11ax) is designed to improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios

The demand for wireless access from users has shifted from a nice to have to a necessity. Due to this, network performance has become a business-critical requirement. Both workers and consumers have come to expect a reliable Wi-Fi connection – the absence of which can influence their decision to enter an establishment or to leave. In order to attract and retain customers and employees, companies need to offer reliable Wi-Fi and an amazing experience, or risk losing business. And, to accommodate the growing number of mobile and IoT devices, improvements to the efficiency of a wireless network – and how it handles congestion and ever-increasing capacity demands has become a key factor of success.

Top 6 Benefits Of Wifi 6

Multi-User  Performance

Arguably the most important new feature in the 802.11ax standard
is an enhanced multi-user feature called OFDMA (Orthogonal
Frequency Division Multiple Access). Multiple devices with
varying bandwidth needs can be served simultaneously instead of
the existing model where devices compete with one another to send
data. With 802.11ax there is no contention as each device is
simultaneously scheduled to transmit data in parallel.
Handling data packets in this way improves performance, as a large
number of packets – especially those that are latency sensitive such
as voice traffic – can be transmitted simultaneously. In dense
environments, instead of using a single vehicle to carry traffic, it’s like
using a carpool model. Traffic is pooled into a transport allowing for
multiple conversations to happen at once. This allows access points
to handle traffic from multiple 802.11ax devices more efficiently.


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