FilesL0cker Ransomeware

SonicWall Capture Labs are reporting that a new variant of the FILESLOCKER ransomware is actively spreading. 

FilesL0cker RAN$OMWARE (aslo known as FilesLocker) is a ransomware that encrypts files on your computer, effectively locking you out. As with all ransomware the cybercriminals will demand a ransom, payable in bitcoin, to allow you access your own files. 

This is a new variant of malware that has been around for some time. Sonicwall Capture Labs states that it provides protection against this threat via the following signature


If you want to avoid falling victim to a ransomware attack then you should be extra vigilant when clicking on links or attachments. Most attacks happen because of an action carried out by a user. When in doubt, Don’t Click. If you want to be certain that your files and system are secure then you need a reliable online backup or disaster recovery service.


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John Grennan

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