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VoIP for Teams

Integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams

What is VoIP for Teams

Microsoft Teams is the game changer when it comes to collaboration tools, combining all your regular Office 365 files with the tools to create a truly collaborative space.

VoIP for Teams allows you to go beyond files and integrate your phone system with Teams creating a unique, truly collaborative workspace combining written and voice communications. 

Designed around the way businesses function, VoIP for Teams allows those who work collaboratively the benefits of an integrated phone system as part of their collaborative suite, whilst allowing standalone deskphone and normal business PBX functionality to continue.

With VoIP for Teams, companies retain the ability to use multiple collaborative tools and CRM software across their business. So, if your sales team are happy on salesforce, then there’s no need for them to change their routine.

Why VoIP for Teams works for real businesses

VoIP for Teams allows businesses the flexibility to have full PBX functionality for all users and Teams users simultaneously.

Teams inbound and outbound calling is enabled but is via our Hosted PBX enabling the functionality of a full business phone system and unbeatable call rates

VoIP for Teams

Microsoft Teams and VoIP for Teams: The perfect match

VoIP for Teams

Simply connect your Phone System to Office 365

Intuitive user experience. 

Make and receive business calls in Teams while at home or on the road, via desktop PC/Mac, mobile or deskphone.

All calls are made through your Phone System ensuring every user can make and receive calls via Teams or deskphone – a true enterprise voice solution.

Collaboration and Voice Together: VoIP for Teams enables the ability to call via multiple devices -when and where your users need it

Enhanced business processes

Unify your existing call flows and VoIP phone systems with Office 365 providing an integrated voice solution in the cloud.

Cost-efficient investment: Bring new functionality to existing call flows, repurpose existing telephony infrastructure and enable new devices through app downloads

Enable new business-driven solutions: like remote working, BYOD (bring your own device) and project-based collaboration.

Scale globally: Integrates your phone system to the Microsoft cloud network worldwide

Keep everything the same: VoIP for Teams means you can keep all your phone numbers, extensions and call-flows untouched.

No hardware or software required: VoIP for Teams is a true multi-tenant cloud service; you simply use it on a per-user subscription basis

VoIP for Teams is enterprise-grade and fully integrated: Built for resilience and high availability, VoIP for Teams is designed with existing business in-mind with end-to-end encryption and call flow capability whilst retaining VoIP calling benefits

IPT for Teams connects your Phone System to Office 365

  • VoIP for Teams provides a simple link between your existing Phone System and the Office 365 Teams platform.
  • No additional configuration of your phone system, keep any compliance features like call recording and reporting.
  • It works with all Cloud and on-premise Phone Systems that support a regular SIP phone.
  • Teams users get to make and receive calls just like on their existing desk phone.
  • Simply add Teams users like a new VOIP phone, numbers and extensions stay as they are.
  • No number porting, end-user training or reconfiguration is required.

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