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Grow their business using advanced call centre performance metrics and insights – Boost productivity and efficiency – Cultivate better customer relationships. Our Hosted Phone and Call Centre Solution is a powerful, inbound call centre platform designed to help businesses of any scale:

VoIP Telecoms Hosted Call Centre

Having a call centre is no longer just for large organisations.  The Call Centre Solution is a powerful, inbound call centre platform designed around the needs of call centres of any scale.

With Call Centre you can:

  • Grow your business with advanced call centre performance metrics and insights
  • Boost productivity and efficiency by integrating your calling solution with leading CRM solutions like Salesforce and Zoho as well as Office365 and Google.
  • Enhance customer relationships with VIP routing
  • Implement and manage your call centre wherever your agents may be thanks to cloud-based solutions.
  • Make the right decisions – instant reporting is made easy by our detailed data on the performance of inbound calls, such as number of calls, call distribution, call length and wait times as well as historic data.
  • Make the right impression for your customers – distribute calls to individual queues for Customer Service, Sales and other departments as well as managing VIP customers.

Business VoIP Telecoms

Call Centre Benefits

Simple, rapid deployment

As no infrastructure is involved, we can speedily deploy Call Centre to your team.

Easy to Use

Our virtual call centre is simple to use, and its intuitive interface means no extensive agent training is required.

Scale Simply and Rapidly

Scale and adapt your team quickly with multiple sites and remote agents. Cloud based software means its simple to integrate home working agents to your call centre.

Real-time statistics

Get all the statistics you need from all your agents allowing you need to make strategic decisions. Filter stats by Agent, Queue, and Date Range.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Our Call Centre Solution can significantly boost productivity and efficiency of agents with real-time monitoring and time-based routing.

Built around remote working

Like all solutions, our Call Centre solution enables your team to be fully integrated with head office functions even when remote working.

Prioritise your most important callers

The Call Centre solution allows you to prioritise your most important callers. Whitelist calls to enable rapid answers or routing to individual agents to ensure your VIPs are taken care of.

Integrates with your CRM software

Our Call Centre software integrates with many CRM and collaboration tools. Salesforce, Zoho and other favourite CRMs integrate easily to ensure all conversations are fully logged and you can even make calls directly from the CRM

Business VoIP Telecoms


All Inclusive

IPTOne is a truly unique offering in the Irish business telephony market – one that is truly without limits.  A fully cloud-based, hosted solution, with all the integrations your business needs, softphone applications to enable remote working, and above all there are no charges for any of your calls.  

Rather than having physical infrastructure on site handling your calls, a Hosted Phone System from takes your Phone System and calling to the cloud.

The integration you’ve been waiting for. Seamless integration between our VoIP service and Microsoft Teams. 

Unlock the potential of your business with our new Business Growth VoIP solution. Designed to grow alongside your business, this tiered pricing model ensures you have the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your evolving communication needs.

Business VoIP Telecoms

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