dot ie or dot com?

If it’s cheaper and quicker to setup a dot com domain name, then some people might ask why choose a dot ie address for your company domain name?

For starters, if you are an Irish Company operating mainly in Ireland a dot ie address can come across as much more credible and advantageous from a business perspective.

For example;

– Anyone can setup a dot com address in a matter of minutes. for example

  • The IEDR will only approve (with the exception of personal domain names) a dot ie address if your business is properly registered. There are strict policies in place. See here for more information. You will need to provide proof along with your application which can be made and retrieved from the Company Registrations Office.
  • A dot ie addresses ranks higher in regional searches. i.e Looking for an estate agent in the West of Ireland….
  • There is much more availability and scope of domain names.
  • Other companies will instantly recognise you as “Irish”

My advice:

Register Both! Use the dot ie address as your primary domain name for your email and website. You can then park the dot com address to and forward all email from that domain to an email address of your choice.

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