Is peer-to-peer software killing your network?


In recent weeks, various customers have reported issues with their broadband connections where it can disconnect intermittingly throughout the day. The problem may only even manifest itself on certain days creating huge difficulties in narrowing down its cause. Obviously this creates a huge strain on the working day and we’ve only recently managed to find the cause. We found that peer-to-peer software such as uTorrent, Bitcomet, Bearshare and Limewire have been the primary source of the problem. In all cases, the software was not even in use. This means that simply by having the software on the pc can impact the stability of your network.

There are also different symptoms of having this software installed such as fluctuations in the actual speed of your internet access. Again, this can all occur without even using the software.  The fact that it’s running in the background chewing up bandwidth is one thing but the number of ‘open connections’ it creates are ultimately being persecuted by the Internet Service Provider. For each of the symptoms there are varying fixes, such as patches to the software, tweaks to its configuration and modifications to the port settings on the router. None of which will be suggested here.. The only fix on offer here is to remove the software from your pc.  

Once removed, your network stability will return to normal. For more information regarding this topic, we have posted the solution to I Found A Fix.

I hope you too have Found A Fix.

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