Password protection

Keep your Passwords Secure

We all have a multitude of passwords for a multitude of logins to a multitude of websites. What most don’t do, however, is make each and every password unique, strong, and random (series of letters and numbers that don’t relate to anything). While it’s very easy for me to tell you that every login password should be unique, the reality is that most people use the same small number of passwords with slight variations across various websites. With the ever-increasing instances of cyber-attacks across the web the likelihood of you getting attacked across several websites is increasingly likely. Every website is vulnerable to a cyber-attack and if your data is compromised on one website, cyber-criminals can use your login details and/or passwords to compromise you on other sites. 

Having your personal data compromised is “Pants”. Follow these 3 easy steps to help keep your passwords and data, safe and secure:

  1. Change them often – While I’m not saying that you should change them every day (I mean passwords; I really do think you should change your underwear daily) it would be highly advisable that you change your passwords regularly using random characters and symbols and not common words or phrases.
  2.  Don’t share with anyone – It isn’t always good to share. You probably shouldn’t share your underwear and never share your passwords.
  3. Don’t leave them lying around – I’m sure most people wouldn’t be comfortable with their underwear lying around and the same is true of your passwords. Don’t write them down and certainly don’t write them down and leave them lying where they can be found by someone. 
Password protection

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