Secure online backup and recovery

Company Data is paramount to every business. In relation to data backup, our slogan is as follows; “Backup is cheap but recovery is expensive”.  Thats what we say but what are the facts? From studies of companies which have been affected by data loss, 60% of those which have lost data will close down within 6 months.

Why should you choose online backup with


Fully Automated

You don't have to worry about manual backups or changing tapes.

Secure and Reliable

Most companies don’t test their backups. That’s usually the most common mistake. We always perform a test restore of any file or folder during the first three months to ensure the backups are setup correctly

It's offsite

Storing your backups in the same room as your server is pointless if the room is flooded or damaged by fire. Our backup servers are located in two separate data centres

Accessible Anywhere

Your data can be restored to any computer anywhere


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